The purpose of the _Administrative Manual_ is to set forth policies and procedures of the institution and to serve as a guide on institutional operations. The policies and procedure set forth in this manual apply to all employees of the Academy. However this manual is not to be interpreted as a legal document or an employment contract. Employment with the Academy is at the sole discretion of the institution and may be terminated with or without cause at any time for any reason. Nothing in the administrative manual constitutes an expressed or implied contract for insurance or assurance of continued employment or that specific cause is required for termination. The _Administrative Manual_ is the source” document from which all other subsidiary operational manuals guides and documents are derived. These subsidiary documents include the Employee Handbook Catalogues and procedural handbooks held in the various departments. In instances where there exists conflict between the _Administrative Manual_ and a subsidiary document the _Administrative Manual_ will be considered the preeminent resource on the matter. The Academy reserves the right to alter change add to or delete any of these policies or procedures at any time without notice. It is the responsibility of the employee to remain current on policy and to check the _Administrative Manual_ when they have questions concerning Academy policy or procedures.”