2013 June

Congratulations to Our Newest Graduates!

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With rolling enrollment, the Academy’s students start their courses as soon as they are accepted without having to wait for the next semester to begin. The Academy is proud to announce its latest monthly graduates.

Bachelor’s Students
Sandra L. Burgess (Bunker Hill, W. Va.) – B.S.S. Sports Management
Brandon C. Heintz (Electric City, W. Va.) – B.S.S. Sports Management
Gretchen Meyer (Morris, N.Y.) – B.S.S. Sports Management
Kyle K. Taylor (Glenolden, Pa.) – B.S.S. Sports Management
Aaron Vargas (Mission, Texas) – B.S.S. Sports Coaching

Master’s Students
Antonia A. Andrews (Larnaca, Cyprus) – M.S.S. Sports Management
Kwasi L. Clark (Indianapolis, Ind.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching NCAA Compliance Emphasis
Nathan A. Collins (Dallas, Texas) – M.S.S. Sports Management NCAA Compliance Emphasis
Bethany Lynn Dulle (Bloomington, Ill.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching
Rodrick Antonio Elkins (Newberry, S.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health
Kimberly Renee England (Cumberland Gap, Tenn.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health
Bernice L. Gilman (Centennial, Colo.) – M.S.S. Sports Medicine/M.S.S Sports Fitness and Health
Bethany Joy Grass (Scottsdale, Ariz.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching
Luke S. Hammond (Helena-West Helena, Ariz.) – M.S.S. Sports Coaching
Jennifer C. Puryear (Mineral Bluff, Ga.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health
John-Paul Zengerle (Charleston, S.C.) – M.S.S. Sports Fitness and Health

Doctoral Students
Mr. Chih-Yin Tai (Denver, Colo.) – Ed.D Sports Management Human Resources Management

Learn more about Academy programs at USSA.edu

Academy’s Fall 2012 Dean’s and President’s List Students

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Congratulations to the following Academy students on their academic performance. Undergraduates on the Dean’s List earned a 3.40 to 3.99 GPA, while graduates on the Dean’s List earned a GPA of 3.80 to 3.99. Students on the President’s List earned a perfect 4.0 GPA.


Dean’s List

  • Batson, George
  • Butler, Britney
  • Honnold, Paul
  • Metzger, Aaron
  • Morales, David
  • Platt, Rylie
  • Wood, Matthew


Dean’s List

  • Adams, Gregory
  • Corbett, Aubrey
  • Jackson, David
  • Schrage, Timothy
  • Wilcox, Drew
  • Wilson, William
  • Zellner, Bradley

President’s List

  • Beyer, Ryan
  • Ciaffaglione, Thomas
  • Golis, Sarah
  • Holmes, Jacob
  • Lennon, Darren
  • Sautter, Brielle
  • Wilcox, Robert


Dean’s List

  • Alvarez, Steven
  • Meindl, John
  • Yosten, Jonathan

President’s List

  • Lesaine, John
  • Miller, Anthony
  • Moore, Justin
  • Sauer, Philipp
  • Spradley, Brandon
  • Wehrli, Andrew

Wiriyapinit, Sutthanuch

Dr. Stephen Butler Named Academy’s Dean of Academic Affairs

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The Academy named Dr. Stephen L. Butler as the new Dean of Academic Affairs. Dr. Butler had previously served the institution as its Dean of Instructional Design and Technology and is leading our major effort to transition to Canvas, a new online learning management system. The transition, which will greatly enhance our students’ learning experience, will be complete by 1 September.

Before coming to the Academy, Dr. Butler served in various academic leadership positions at Troy University, Columbus State University, and Auburn University. A retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, he served as a B-52 navigator and military educator. Dr. Butler earned his doctorate in Educational Leadership from Auburn, his master’s in Educational Administration from Chapman University and his bachelor’s in Physical Education from Florida Atlantic University.

Dr. Stephen Butler (front), who was previously the Academy's Dean of Instructional Design and Technology/Chief Information Officer, has been named the Academy's new Dean of Academic Affairs.

Dr. Butler has been involved in sports since he was 6-years-old. He was an all-county baseball selection in high school and a two-time Most Valuable Player of the California State Championships in softball. He is also an avid runner who has completed in 30 marathons, including the Boston Marathon twice. Dr. Butler has served on the Board of Directors of the Big Sur International Marathon for the past 13 years.

He replaces Dr. Will Evans, the former dean, who plans to return to medicine, which is his first love. Dr. Evans will assume the position of Associate Provost for the University of Western States in Portland, Ore., where he will oversee a large wellness initiative, the doctor of chiropractic program, and the research division for the university. Dr. Evans is also responsible  for developing new academic programs. He plans to continue to serve the Academy as a Distance Learning Faculty member.

Alumni Network: What’s it like being the navigator in a B-52 and how do you apply that training to what you do today?

Dr. Steve Butler: Having been involved in team sports my entire life; I can tell you, without reservation, that being part of the six-man (I can say “man” because women were not allowed to fly combat aircraft when I was flying.) crew on a B-52 was the ultimate team. This was especially true during Operation Desert Storm, when any mistake could lead to catastrophic results. It was very easy to make a sound argument that each person on the B-52 crew was the most important member of the crew and the most essential to mission accomplishment. 

I think that translates into higher education as well. You could make a good argument that each person here at the Academy does the most important job in ensuring that we accomplish our mission of sport education. That and the importance of teamwork are the two lessons that flow very nicely from the cockpit of a B-52 to the online classroom at the United States Sports Academy.

Alumni Network: What do you hope to achieve as the Dean of Academic Affairs?

Dr. Steve Butler: My No. 1 goal in every educational position is to create an atmosphere conducive to success for each student. I think that educators who try to make things better for all students are missing the boat. There is absolutely nothing that works for all students. But it is our job to make sure we do everything we can for each student. It is my hope that, under my leadership, everyone in Academic Affairs will adopt this philosophy and do everything we can to help each student through the process of receiving a quality sports education. Finally, even though we know intuitively that it is not possible, I honestly believe that a 100% success rate should never stop being our goal.

Alumni Network: Assess the current state of the Academy’s faculty and programs?

Dr. Steve Butler: The Academy’s faculty has never been better. Many programs like ours have a homogenous faculty of professors with doctorate degrees in sports management. Our faculty, on the other hand, is very diverse with a wide variety of degrees that are directly applicable to teaching our students in all areas of sports. Our resident faculty includes professors with doctorate degrees from Auburn University, the United States Sports Academy, LSU, Walden University, the University of North Carolina, and the University of Missouri, in Educational Leadership, Sports Management, Exercise Science, Philosophy, Sport and Exercise, and Health Education and Promotion. This group of professionals, together with our ever-evolving programs, provides our students at all three levels—bachelor’s, masters, and doctorate—with a world-class education that prepares them well for a career in sports.

Alumni Network: What great things can students expect from Canvas and your leadership?

Dr. Steve Butler: When the transition to Canvas, our new Learning Management System (LMS), is complete; our students will begin to see increasingly enhanced courses with more interaction, increased functionality, and an ease of use that will greatly enhance the learning experience of each student. The current LMS was not meeting the needs of our students or faculty and many of our students commented about this in the end-of-course critiques.

We really do read every word written by our students and, when possible, do what we can to meet their needs. This new LMS will allow each student to choose how he or she receives all course-related information. It will also allow faculty and instructional designers to enhance courses with videos, recorded messages from professors, and many other improvements that are just not possible with the current system.

Alumni Network: Anything else you would like to add?

Dr. Steve Butler: I am honored to serve the students, faculty, and staff of the United States Sports Academy as the Dean of Academic Affairs. Other than my family and friends, the two great joys of my life have been sports and education. Here I get to do both.

Historic Photo of the Middle East Sports Science Symposium

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In 1977, the United States Sports Academy organized the Middle East Sports Science Symposium that was hosted in the Kingdom of Bahrain. More than 1,000 sports leaders from countries throughout the Middle East, such as Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Lebanon and Egypt, attended the event.

Pictured below are members of the Academy’s faculty who helped run the program and contributed to a book about the sports science presented at the event. Pictured below are Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, Dr. Lawrence Bestmann, who still teaches for the Academy, and Al Cantello, a track and field coach today at the U.S. Naval Academy. Can you name others in this historic Academy photo?

United States Sports Academy faculty and staff at the 1977 Middle East Sports Science Symposium in Bahrain.

People, Places and Programs

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Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich attended meetings at the 3rd International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development as a guest of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).  This event, held June 5-6 in New York City, was staged by the IOC in cooperation with the United Nations. Dr. Rosandich will travel to Montgomery, Ala., June 24-25 for the annual meeting of the Alabama Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (AAICU).

Dr. Stephen Butler was named the Academy's new Dean of Academic Affairs.

Academy Vice President and COO Dr. T.J. Rosandich began his world tour on June 7, which will include visits to Malaysia and the Middle East. In Kuala Lumpur, Dr. T.J. will work to mount the Academy’s major International Diploma in Physical Education and Sports Coaching (IDPESC) program in Malaysia.

Dr. Stephen Butler was appointed as the Academy’s new Dean of Academic Affairs. Dr. Butler previously served the institution as its Dean of Instructional Design and Technology and is leading the Academy’s major effort to transition to Canvas, a new online learning management system.  The Department of Instructional Design will remain under the management of Dr. Butler.

Dr. Wirt Edwards, the Academy’s Chair of Sports Exercise Science, and Dr. Conrad Woolsey, the Academy’s Chair of Sports Studies, attended the 60th annual meeting and 4th World Congress on “Exercise is Medicine” of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) from May 28 to June 1 in Indianapolis.

Brandon Spradley is managing the Academy’s Concussion Awareness, Training, and Management Program, a project funded by a Community Outreach Grant from the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. To begin this program, Spradley will work with Dr. Steve Devick, the Academy’s 2011 Dr. Ernst Jokl Sports Medicine Award winner who created the King-Devick Test that helps identify concussions.


National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics and Affiliates Convention Week – June 10-15 at the World Center Marriott Resort in Orlando, Fla.

2013 U.S. Olympic Committee National Coaching Conference – June 29-21 at the Doubletree World Arena Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo.

AAICU Annual Meeting- June 25 in Montgomery, Ala.

IOC Commission for Culture and Olympic Education Meetings – June 29-July 1 in Lausanne, Switzerland

Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Summit for Leaders in Advancement – July 14-16 at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero in San Francisco, Calif.

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) 2013 Institute on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation – July 21-24 at the Hilton Daytona Beach Hotel in Daytona Beach, Fla.

Call for Authors: “Olympic Studies Reader 2013,” Volume 2, An International and Multidisciplinary Research Guide – Special homage to Pierre de Coubertin’s 150th Birthday. Deadline for paper submissions is July 30.

ASAMA Starts New Olympic Collection as Result of Greenes' Donation

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Thanks to Lorrie and Richard Greene, the American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA) started a new Olympic collection. The San Francisco couple donated 59 valuable copies of official Olympic Reports and other publications dating back to 1896, a complete collection of art from the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games and several sport sculptures that sparked ASAMA’s new collection.

Lorrie (left) and Richard Greene (right) visited the American Sport Art Museum and Archives' new Special Olympic Collection to see their donation on display. Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich (center) showed them the new exhibit.

“As a result of the Greene’s remarkable donation, we hope to build our Olympic collection over the coming years,” said United States Sports Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich. “We are very grateful for their generosity.”

The Greenes recently visited ASAMA in Daphne, Ala., to be among the first to view the new Special Olympic Collection located in the Academy’s library.

“We are very impressed with the Academy and what they have accomplished so far with the Olympic collection,” Richard Greene, a tax attorney, said. “We are honored to have our sports art collection displayed at ASAMA.”

Lorrie and Richard Greene have blended their interests in art and sport since their marriage in 1963. Lorrie was not much of a sports fan, occasionally going to games with Richard, but she lacked the passion he had for sports. Lorrie did have a great interest in modern and contemporary art, but Richard had never been to a museum until after they married and travelled in Western Europe.

With Lorrie’s encouragement and guidance, Richard began to learn about art, finding there was a blend of sports and art in many ways. Together they began collecting works on paper, paintings, sculptures, some posters and photography.

Lorrie and Richard have thoroughly enjoyed learning about and collecting art, even though they differ on how much time they like to spend at a museum or at sporting events. They have been very fortunate to be able to travel all over the world, enjoying museums wherever they go, whether modern, contemporary or history, learning about local cultures. They have also attended practically every major sporting event beginning with the NCAA college basketball Final Four in 1984. Among the many sporting events they have attended are seven Olympic Games, five Super Bowls, the World Series, the Kentucky Derby, all the Grand Slam tennis tournaments in one year and even the Australian Rules Football finals.

While the collection they donated to the Academy’s sport art museum is focused on sports, it would not have been put together without their joint efforts and Lorrie’s encouragement of Richard to use his new found knowledge about art and what he enjoys and blend it with sports. He began with the wire sculpture of American Olympic sprinter and long jumper Carl Lewis that he commissioned in 1989 and has now donated to ASAMA. From there, he started collecting the official reports of the Olympic Games.

“I really enjoyed the journey of collecting the books and art throughout the years,” Richard said. “As I love sports and love the Olympics, collecting the reports have helped me learn so much more.”

Lorrie is a former teacher and one of the founders of STREETSMART4KIDS™ in San Francisco, raising funds for disadvantaged and homeless children.

In 1984, Richard became a founding partner of Greene Radovsky Maloney Share & Hennigh, a tax, real estate and business transactional law firm where he continues to work. In addition, he has served as a trustee and president for 10 years of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and an adviser to museums and other nonprofits in the San Francisco Bay Area, among several other leadership positions with local nonprofits.

The Greenes are both California natives and University of California-Berkley graduates. They live in Tiburon, Calif., where they have lived since 1969. They have three daughters and two granddaughters.

ASAMA, a division of the Academy, is dedicated to the preservation of sports art, history, and literature. The ASAMA collection is composed of nearly 1,700 works of sport art across a variety of media, including paintings, sculptures, assemblages, prints and photographs. It is arguably the largest sport art collection in the world. The museum is open free to the public from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays at One Academy Drive in Daphne, Ala. For more information about the Academy’s sport art museum, please visit its website.


Academy Preparing for Physical Education and Sports Coaching Program in Malaysia

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United States Sports Academy Vice President and COO Dr. T.J. Rosandich began his world tour on June 7, which includes a visit to Malaysia to begin work on mounting the Academy’s major International Diploma in Physical Education and Sports Coaching (IDPESC) program in the Southeast Asian country. Dr. T.J. (second from left) recently visited with Dato Ramlan (far left), who just resumed his post as the CEO of Malaysia’s National Institute of Sports (ISN), as well as the new Minister of Youth and Sports (right of Dr. T.J.).

Academy Sport Artist of the Year Mina Papatheodorou-Valyraki Receives FICTS Highest Honor and Featured in Two International Art Shows

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Greek artist Mina Papatheodorou-Valyraki, the United States Sports Academy’s 2002 Sport Artist of the Year, was recently awarded “Guirlande d’Honneur,” the highest honor presented by the Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs (FICTS).

During “Art-Athina 2013,” the Fédération Internationale Cinéma Télévision Sportifs (FICTS) President Dr. Franco Ascani (right) presented Mina Papatheodorou-Valyraki (left) the “Guirlande d’Honneur” award.

During this year’s 18th International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens “Art-Athina 2013,” FICTS President Dr. Franco Ascani presented Valyraki the award for her contributions and excellence in cinema, television and sports culture.

Valyraki was a featured artist at this year’s famous Art-Athina exhibit held May 16-19 at the shorefront of Athens, Greece, in Faliro Pavilion – a former Taekwondo Olympic Games venue. With the help of Ikastikos Kiklos Art Gallery, Valyraki presented her work, “Suns in the Sunset,” which is still on display at the gallery.

Launched in 1993 by the Hellenic Art Galleries Association, Art-Athina promotes Greek contemporary art creation and is now the largest annual international visual art event in Greece, attracting more than 18,000 visitors.

More of Valyraki’s artwork will be featured in the exhibition, “Art and Cars – Mina On Park Lane,” at the Bob Forstner Pagani showroom in London beginning June 19. Valyraki, who is the official artist for Lamborghini, Ferrari and Formula 1, will display much of her well-known car artwork at the exhibit.

Some of Valyraki’s colorful and vibrant artworks can be seen at the Academy’s American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA) in Daphne, Ala. ASAMA’s collection features nearly 20 pieces by Valyraki.

ASAMA is dedicated to the preservation of sports art, history, and literature and is arguably the largest sport art collection in the world. The museum is open free to the public from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays at One Academy Drive in Daphne, Ala. For more information about the Academy’s sport art museum, please visit the website.


Creighton Basketball Coach Greg McDermott Named Academy’s Alumnus of the Year

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Creighton University men’s head basketball coach Greg McDermott was named the United States Sports Academy’s 2014 Alumnus of the Year for helping elevate the Bluejays program to the national spotlight in his first three years there.

Greg McDermott is named the Academy's 2014 Alumnus of the Year.

McDermott, who graduated with his master’s in Sports Management in 1994 from the Academy, guided Creighton to its first NCAA tournament in five years in the 2011-12 season and made it there again this past year reaching the third round both times. He’s the first coach in Creighton history to post 20 or more wins in each of his first three seasons.

“The United States Sports Academy afforded me the opportunity to earn my master’s degree at a time in my life when attending full-time graduate school was not a possibility,” McDermott said. “I couldn’t be more pleased with the well-rounded education I received, and the many relationships I developed as a result of the experience.”

McDermott, known as a top recruiter and tactician, is no stranger to success. During his 19 seasons as a college basketball head coach, his teams have made seven trips to the NCAA tournament, including one Sweet 16 appearance. He is 80-30 (.727) in his three seasons leading Creighton and owns a 360-225 (.615) career record.

McDermott, a former 6-foot-8 college center for Northern Iowa, began his coaching career as an assistant at the University of North Dakota in 1989 and earned his first head coaching position in 1994 with Wayne State, a Division II school. He has also coached at North Dakota State, Northern Iowa and Iowa State.

His meteoric rise in the coaching ranks began at his alma mater, Northern Iowa, where he took over a program in 2001 that had failed to post a winning season in four years. Northern Iowa had only made the NCAA tournament once before but McDermott led the Panthers to three straight appearances. He also led the school to its first ever national ranking in 2006.

Now at Creighton, Coach McDermott admits coaching for the Bluejays has been a “wonderful experience.” Not only has the Omaha, Neb., university ranked among the top in the nation in average home attendance but his son, Doug, who’s entering his senior year and who is a two-time first-team All-American, has played for him.

“It is very gratifying to coach Doug and have him be a key contributor on a very good team,” he said. “It has been a wonderful experience for our entire family.”

Academy Recognizes Dr. Harvey Schiller with 2011 Honorary Doctorate

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While attending the 3rd International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development in New York as a guest of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich recognized sport businessman Dr. Harvey Schiller, who earned the school’s 2011 Honorary Doctorate.

Dr. Harvey Schiller (right) receives his 2011 Honorary Doctorate from the Academy in a presentation by the school's President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich.

Schiller, who was recently inducted into the New York Athletic Hall of Fame, was presented with the Order of the Eagle Exemplar with Rosette in an informal presentation.  He earned the Honorary Doctorate for distinguishing himself as an Olympic leader and sport entrepreneur during his more than 30-year career in sports.

Schiller, a retired U.S. Air Force brigadier general, has enjoyed an interesting career that includes serving as the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) executive director, the Southeastern Conference (SEC) commissioner, vice president of sports programming for Turner Broadcasting System, chairman and CEO of YankeeNets, International Baseball Federation president and even as a World Championship Wrestling (WCW) executive.

During his trip to the IOC and United Nations (UN) meeting held June 5-6, Dr. Rosandich also met with other key individuals in New York, such as Peter Tichansky, an Academy Board of Trustees member and the Business Council for International Understanding (BCIU) president, and Dr. Tomas Sithole, the Director of International Relations for the IOC, who is working with the Academy on Olympic education programs.

Many of the world’s sports leaders attended the 3rd International Forum on Sport for Peace and Development, which featured UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and IOC President Jacques Rogge. Ban earned the IOC’s Olympic Order in recognition of his strong personal commitment to use sport as a tool for social change, a concept brought to life through various joint IOC-UN projects at the community level. 

Work also was initiated on a permanent sports exhibition in the UN building during a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The exhibition will enable visitors from all over the world to better understand the role of sport in human development and the promotion of peace.

By using sport as a tool, the IOC and its partners implement various activities across the globe in fields such as humanitarian assistance, peace-building, education, gender equality, the environment and the fight against HIV/AIDS, which help to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Golfer Tiger Woods and Sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Voted Athletes of the Month

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Professional golfer Tiger Woods, who earned his fifth victory in eight PGA tournaments this year when he won The Players Championship, and Jamaican sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, who has run the fastest women’s 100-meters this year in the season opening track meet, were chosen as the United States Sports Academy’s May Athletes of the Month in worldwide online voting.


Woods ended a weekend of testy exchanges with Sergio Garcia by winning a tense duel over the final hour in The Players Championship at the TPC Sawgrass. Tied with Garcia with two holes to play, Woods won by finding land on the last two holes for par to close with a 2-under 70. It was Woods’ 78th career PGA Tour victory and his fifth of the season.

Meanwhile, Fraser-Pryce is off to a fast start in the Diamond League track season. The Jamaican, who is a two-time 100-meter Olympic gold medalist, won the women’s 100 at the opening meet in Doha, Qatar and in the second meet in Shanghai, China. Her winning time at the Shanghai race was 10.93 seconds—a world leading time. Fraser-Pryce also won the 200 meters in 22.48 seconds at the Qatar Sports Club. 

The public is invited to participate in the worldwide Athlete of the Month nomination and ballot voting processes. Visit the Academy website at www.ussa.edu to submit your nominations each month, and then return to the website during the first two weeks of each month to vote for the male and female Athletes of the Month. The votes along with an Academy committee choose the winners who become candidates for the Athlete of the Year. The monthly and yearly winners are announced on the Academy’s website and in the sports university’s online edition of The Sport Update.

Finishing second in the men’s category was American Ryan Whiting, who got his track and field season off to a strong start May 10 by recording a meet record and world-leading mark in Doha, Qatar. Whiting, the 2012 World Indoor gold medalist, reached a new personal best to win the men’s shot put with a mark of 22.28 meters, or 73 feet, 1.25 inches. That mark was the top throw by an American since 2007. 


The runner-up to Fraser-Pryce on the women’s ballot was University of Oklahoma pitcher Keilani Ricketts, who threw a no-hitter and had 12 strikeouts in the Sooners’ opening game of the Women’s College World Series. Ricketts, the Collegiate Softball Player of the Year for the second consecutive season, has thrown seven career no-hitters and six this season for national champion Oklahoma.

Third place winners for May were San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, who stepped up his game in the post season, averaging 23.0 points per game to lead his team to the NBA finals; and Brittney Griner, who got two dunks in her professional debut with the Phoenix Mercury, becoming the first WNBA player to do it twice in one game.

Woods and Fraser-Pryce are now eligible for the Academy’s male and female 2013 Athlete of the Year Award. For the 29th consecutive year, the Academy will oversee the worldwide online voting that will take place in December. This prestigious award is currently done in conjunction with NBC Sports.

In 2012, the male Athlete of the Year was Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, who became the first man ever to win both the 100- and 200-meter races in successive Olympics. The female Athlete of the Year was American tennis player Serena Williams, who became the singles champion at Wimbledon, the U.S. Open and the Olympics. Both Olympians dominated 2012’s online ballot in December, which drew tens of thousands of votes a day from across the world.

Academy Partners with Alabama Southern Community College to Offer Bachelor’s in Sports Management

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Alabama Southern Community College (ASCC) students can now seamlessly earn a bachelor’s in Sports Management from the United States Sports Academy, which is one of the fastest growing academic programs at the sports university.

The schools recently agreed to establish a so-called 2+2 program. It allows students at the multi-campus community college in southwest Alabama to take two years of study that will prepare them to attend the Academy. Once they earn an associate’s degree, students can then enroll in the Academy’s bachelor’s program in Sports Management and get their degree in as little as two years.

Tee Martin, now the wide receivers coach at the University of Southern California, earned his bachelor's in Sports Management from the Academy in 2003. Martin led the University of Tennessee football team to the national championship in 1998.

Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich pointed out that the program with ASCC is a good fit since the community college uses the same learning management system for its online courses —
Canvas — as the Academy.

“We are pleased to partner with Alabama Southern Community College and provide this unique opportunity to its students,” Dr. Rosandich said. “This program will help lead them to employment in a rewarding field that they will enjoy.”

Anne Clanton, dean of instruction at Alabama Southern Community College, agreed that the program benefits anyone seeking a bachelor’s in Sports Management.

“This new collaboration is beneficial because it aids our students in an easy transition from Alabama Southern to the Academy,” Clanton said. “Students can earn their bachelor’s degree in Sports Management from home and at their own pace, which is favorable for both our traditional and non-traditional students.”

The Academy, known as “America’s Sports University,” has been a leader in sports education for more than 40 years. The university, which is regionally accredited at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels, added an upper-division bachelor’s degree to its programs in 2004.

To learn more about the Academy’s 2+2 programs with community colleges, call 251-626-3303 or email academy@ussa.edu.

The United States Sports Academy is an independent, non-profit, accredited, special mission sports university created to serve the nation and the world with programs in instruction, research and service. The role of the Academy is to prepare men and women for careers in the profession of sports. For more information about the Academy, call 251-626-3303 or visit the Academy’s website www.ussa.edu.

The Academy is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) charitable organization able to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. Your donation today is deeply appreciated. Donate Today
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