Another key to the development and phenomenal growth of the Academy has been its international programs. In 1976, the institution signed one of its first international agreement to deliver educational and training programs in the State of Bahrain, located in the Arabian Gulf. This historic relationship has continued to this day with the latest program commencing in February, 2002. This latest three year program in the Ministry of Education has the objective to upgrade the Kingdom’s physical education curriculum and introduce an interscholastic competitive sport program in the nations schools. The Academy has a truly global reach, having conducted sport education and service programs in more than 60 countries around the world. The institution currently has in place almost fifty Protocols for Cooperation with sports organizations or institutions of higher learning around the world.

Bahrain TeamThe first team of Sport Coaches mobilized to the State of Bahrain in 1977 join Academy President Dr. Thomas Rosandich (Center Right), Academy Trustee Dr. George Uhlig (Center Left) and University of South Alabama President Dr. Fred Whiddon (Seated, Center). The Bahrain Sport Education Program was the first major international contract for the Academy and it led to a continuous Academy presence in the island nation for some 10 years.

Bahrain Sport Institute (BSI)As a part of the Bahrain Sport Education Program, the Academy founded the Bahrain Sport Institute (BSI) as a sister institution to the Academy. The BSI was the first sport specific educational and research institution of its type in the Middle East and included a comprehensive curriculum in disciplines such as physiology and sport medicine.

Royal Saudi Airforce(Left to Right) Colonel Hassan Bafageeh, Director of the Sport Directorate – Royal Saudi Air Force, Major General Hussein Dhaher, Director of the Sport Directorate-Ministry of Defense and Aviation; Tom Cafaro, Director of Academy Saudi Arabian Projects; and USSA President Dr. Thomas Rosandich discuss the physical fitness, sport and recreation program of the Royal Saudi Air Force.

Dhahran TeamArthur Lanhan (Red Jacket, Center) gathers his staff in front of the King Abdulaziz Air Force Base Sports Hall in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The Academy signed a contract with the Royal Saudi Air Force in 1981 valued at $80 million to provide a comprehensive physical fitness, sport and recreation program for all of the kingdom’s bases. At one time, the Academy staff in Saudi Arabia topped 500 employees.

Playground in Kota KinabaluStanding in a playground built by the Academy in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian members of the United States Sports Academy-Sabah sport education project meet with Dr. Thomas Rosandich, President. The Academy provided the full charge administration and training of the sport teams for the State of Sabah including swimming, athletics and boxing, It also provided program support such as sport medicine.

Middle East Sport Science Symposium (MESSS)The faculty for the Second Middle East Sport Science Symposium (MESSS) gather for a group photo in Isa Town Bahrain, the site of the Bahrain Sport Institute. Organized by the Academy, the MESSS Program brought together leading authorities from around the world to lecture on topics including coaching, physiology, sport medicine, sport management, recreation, and education.

SultanFollowing the stunning success as the Commander of the Joint Combining Forces in Desert Storm, HRH Prince Khalid Bin Sultan bin Abdelaziz Al-Saud, Deputy Minister of Defense and Aviation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, traveled to the Academy campus to receive an Honorary Doctorate degree. The Academy also provided a comprehensive physical fitness, sport and recreation program to the members of the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force (RSADF) during Prince Khalid’s tenure as commander of the RSADF.


We are proud to announce our new relationship with the European College of Sport Science (ECSS). The European College of Sport Science is an international non-profit organization founded in 1995. Its purpose is the promotion of science and research, with special attention to the interdisciplinary fields of sport science and sports medicine. For more information on the ECSS please visit their website.