United States Sports Academy 2016 Alumna of the Year LaTanya Sheffield, Olympic and Collegiate Track Coach, Talks About How the Academy Helped Her Realize Her Dreams


Alumnus Mike Leach Named Pac-12 Coach of the Year, Wins Sun Bowl, Says Academy “Really Ushered Me into Coaching”


United States Sports Academy Alumnus Named Program Director
For Special Olympics New Hampshire


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Course Evaluation Comment from an Academy Student: I do not have anything to suggest to improve the course. This was the best class I ever had in my entire life. I have more than 150 university credits in total so you can be proud.

Philippe Babineau, Student

The mentorship was a great experience. I entered the requirement unsure of the anticipated outcome. The mentorship was the most practical and useful experience of the entire program thus far. It allowed me to apply many of the things learned during the program and allowed me to explore many topics that everyday commitments do not allow.


This mentorship has been a huge step in assisting me with my future plans and goals. I would not trade this experience for any other educational experience. The lessons and information that I have learned in addition to the certifications that I earned will be invaluable to me as I proceed in the future of sport management. I cannot wait to begin my next chapter in life and in starting a business as I now have tools in which I can make the process work to my benefit. I hope the mentorship program stays as part of the academic curriculum because I believe it to be a wonderful educational tool.

John Green, Ed.D., 2016


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Secured employment immediately after graduation


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