Kevin Brochu

2012: M.S.S. Sports Management

Kevin Brochu

Two years ago, Kevin Brochu began working for Reebok as the international company began branding itself again as the go-to for health and fitness.

In fact, the company began a partnership with CrossFit, a high-intensity strength and conditioning program developed by Greg Glassman with the bulk of the 4,400 affiliated gyms located in the United States.

Brochu, a former strength and conditioning coach, works with a Reebok team dedicated to global fitness. This year, when Reebok launched its $120 million “The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived” campaign worldwide, the 38-year-old helped develop the Drop Box concept. The red shipping containers hold enough workout equipment and even lighting for up to 200 people to workout at one time.

Reebok has been bringing these containers to major cities in Europe, Asia, and North and South America to help grow Reebok-CrossFit affiliates. Brochu’s focus is on Latin America. He recently visited with the Alumni Network to talk about encouraging fitness around the world.

Alumni Network: How did you get into the health and fitness field?

Kevin Brochu: I was a strength and conditioning coach and worked with hockey players in college. I found a lot of athletes I was training their parents would do it as well. I still do a lot of private training. My oldest client, Rossy, is 92. She’s neat. A lot of the same things that apply to my athletes apply to her. It’s scaled down to fit her needs, which are to improve her quality of life so she does not have to depend on anyone else. The younger athletes, it’s about getting better.

Alumni Network: How much do you enjoy working with Reebok on its fitness initiatives?

Kevin Brochu: Reebok entered into its partnership with CrossFit right when I came on board in 2010. It was a good transition for me and Reebok was looking at recreating what its original passion was—health and fitness. I was able to come in and immediately apply everything I had learned at the Academy and what I was used to as a strength and conditioning coach. It was a perfect, perfect fit for me.

One of the greatest things I’ve been able to do is be involved with the $120 million marketing campaign this year. Two years ago, it was something I never thought would happen. The fact I was able to contribute to a campaign that size and create a focal point of it—the drop box—is one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life short of the birth of my three children.

Alumni Network: What do you think of the education you received at the Academy, which is 100% online?

Kevin Brochu: I took a biomechanics class at a local college, thinking I was missing out on the classroom experience. But I found people didn’t have the same passion, the same desire that they did at the Academy. I thought there would be a lot more camaraderie and team building but there wasn’t. That’s when I decided to finish everything online through the Academy. All the professors I had were phenomenal there. Whenever I had a question, I could shoot them an email or call them and they always got back to me.