Adam Reeb

2010: M.S.S. Sports Studies

Adam Reeb

In his first year as a head coach, Adam Reeb leads the Lindenwood University men’s and women’s tennis teams into NAIA competition for the first time.

It’s no easy task for the Belleville, Ill., program but Reeb’s up to the challenge. He has experienced success at programs at Saint Louis University and McKendree University where he served as an assistant coach.

“I hope I can bring a winning tradition to the Lynx tennis programs,” Reeb says. “I see a bright future ahead for both teams and I can’t wait to get started.”

Reeb, a former NCAA Division I player at St. Louis, earned the 2010 Intercollegiate Tennis Association NAIA Men’s Region III Assistant Coach of the Year, while at McKendree. In addition, Reeb was recently certified as a Tennis Professional by the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA).

He took time after the teams’ first practice of the spring leading up to its first match Feb. 12 to speak to the Alumni Network about coaching in his hometown, competing in the NAIA and recruiting overseas players.

Alumni Network: What do you think about being back in your native Belleville as the head tennis coach for the men’s and women’s teams?

Adam Reeb: It’s a really great honor to be back in Belleville leading the tennis programs here at Lindenwood. It’s exciting to be a part of a vibrant and growing university, especially with that university being in my hometown. The program itself is only its third year of existence, so this is something that was not even possible a few years ago. I hope to run programs that the entire Belleville community can root for and be proud of.

Alumni Network: This is the school’s first season competing in NAIA, what are your goals?

Adam Reeb: It’s going to be a step up for this program competing in the NAIA, but it’s an exciting step for sure. We cannot compete in the postseason this year, so I think this will allow us to get our feet wet in the NAIA and set us up for the future. As far as goals go, we try to focus more on performance ones than outcome ones. Our performance goals are to focus on the things we can take care of, namely our attitude, our concentration/focus, and our effort level, every practice session and match. If we can do that, the results will follow. This extends both on the court and in the classroom. We do set outcome goals too, and we feel like having a winning season, breaking into the top 40-50 of the NAIA rankings, and having a team GPA above 3.0 will make this a successful season.

Alumni Network: You have three new men’s players from Venezuela, Pakistan and Bosnia. How important is recruiting overseas players to your teams’ success?

Adam Reeb: I think it’s definitely important as tennis is such an international game. A tennis ball is one of the most universally recognized objects. I’m looking to have a mix of both American and international players here. It’s great for the student-athletes as they get to interact with and become teammates and best friends with people all over the world.

Regardless if a player is from America or overseas though, we are trying to bring in the right type of fit for our program. We are looking for players who have those intangibles such as a good work ethic, determination, being a good teammate, etc. We want student-athletes who will work hard on and off the court and help us put this program on the map.

Alumni Network: How has getting your master’s from the Academy helped you so far in your career?

Adam Reeb: Getting my master’s from the Academy has helped me tremendously both professionally and personally. Professionally, I believe it helps set me apart from others as it shows my passion and dedication for what I am doing. It helps give me a leg up. Personally, it was very fulfilling to study and learn from some of the best in the sports education world.