Certification in Sports Management provides students opportunities to further their knowledge base in the sport-related areas of business, administration, personnel management, marketing, public relations and facility management/program development. Courses focus on the development of professional sports management skills that are essential to designing and implementing sport-related programs. Completion of the Certification in Sports Management program will give students an internationally recognized certification in sports management. Students must be 18 years of age to register.

CEM 542 Sports Business and Personnel Management

The study of the principles of personnel management including staffing and development of human resources as applied to sport.

CEM 543 Sports Administration

The study of basic concepts, theories and organization of administration. The managerial environment, ethics, social responsibilities and strategic management as related to sport are also explored.

CEM 544 Sports Marketing

A study of sport marketing principles and the elements of the marketing mix. Selected topics include advertising, promotions, pricing, sponsorships, licensing, and market segmentation.

CEM 583 Sports Facilities and Event Management

The study of the principles involved in planning, marketing, producing and evaluating sports events and facilities.

CEM 550 Sports Fundraising

A study of the concepts involved in sports fundraising activities.

CEM 551 Sports Public Relations

A study of the nature, content and application of public relations in sport programs as related to educational institutions, organizations and associations.

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