Three Alabama undergraduate students at the United States Sports Academy recently received scholarships from the Alabama Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (AAICU).

Glenn Ashley Stephenson was named a Vulcan scholar, and Jamison Charles and Alexander Dillard were named AAICU scholars.

AAICU has distributed $87,000 in AAICU Scholarships to students at each of its member colleges and universities in the state of Alabama. The AAICU Scholarship Fund passes 100 percent of the contributions to the students in the form of scholarship aid. This year, the Academy received $3,100 in scholarship funds from AAICU designated for undergraduate Alabama residents with at least a 3.0 GPA.

Each scholarship distribution from AAICU included one named scholarship from Vulcan Materials. Vulcan Materials has partnered with AAICU to offer scholarship assistance since 1969 and established a named scholarship for each member college in 2007. The Academy proudly recognizes Stephenson as this year’s AAICU Vulcan Scholar.

“Being named and honored as a Vulcan Scholar at the Academy has an inherent economic benefit, but it also contains a psychological benefit as well,” Stephenson said. “Without a doubt, it has already given me a confidence boost toward the completion of my academic work, even under difficult and trying circumstances. I fully expect that this benefit will carry over and transfer to the pursuit of my career goals.”

Stephenson is currently pursuing a bachelor’s in sports management. At the end of this calendar year, he will have completed 33 hours toward the 60-hour program. In the future, Stephenson hopes to obtain a master’s degree in sports management from the Academy.

Before enrolling at the Academy, Stephenson had only completed part of his undergraduate coursework in mass communications at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He worked for more than seven years in sport broadcasting at Samford University.

“I began to look for a way to enhance my academic credentials in light of my growing interest and desire for a significant sport career,” Stephenson said. “The sports management program at the Academy seemed like a perfect fit to compliment my previous work and further provide me with an array of opportunities for the application of my evolving skills, abilities and talent.”

Stephenson’s future goals include employment with a university athletic department or professional sports organization working in the areas of sports information, media and public relations or football operations.

The Academy recognizes Charles and Dillard as scholarship recipients from the AAICU Scholarship Distribution.

“As a person that works full time and is married with three children, this scholarship will ease the financial burden of going back to school and further propel me to achieve excellence in my studies,” said Charles, who is currently in his junior year at the Academy pursuing a bachelor’s in sports coaching. “I feel that educating myself at a university that pursues excellence in the sporting world will give me a chance to get my foot in the door as a coach and begin a new career in the public education sport arena.”