Academy’s Fall 2012 Dean’s and President’s List Students

Congratulations to the following Academy students on their academic performance. Undergraduates on the Dean’s List earned a 3.40 to 3.99 GPA, while graduates on the Dean’s List earned a GPA of 3.80 to 3.99. Students on the President’s List earned a perfect 4.0 GPA.


Dean’s List

  • Batson, George
  • Butler, Britney
  • Honnold, Paul
  • Metzger, Aaron
  • Morales, David
  • Platt, Rylie
  • Wood, Matthew


Dean’s List

  • Adams, Gregory
  • Corbett, Aubrey
  • Jackson, David
  • Schrage, Timothy
  • Wilcox, Drew
  • Wilson, William
  • Zellner, Bradley

President’s List

  • Beyer, Ryan
  • Ciaffaglione, Thomas
  • Golis, Sarah
  • Holmes, Jacob
  • Lennon, Darren
  • Sautter, Brielle
  • Wilcox, Robert


Dean’s List

  • Alvarez, Steven
  • Meindl, John
  • Yosten, Jonathan

President’s List

  • Lesaine, John
  • Miller, Anthony
  • Moore, Justin
  • Sauer, Philipp
  • Spradley, Brandon
  • Wehrli, Andrew

Wiriyapinit, Sutthanuch

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