Award-winning Nigerian Artist Visits Academy

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Ibiyinka Olufemi Alao of Nigeria displayed the original of his work: "Grace: That Even The World Can Pass Through It."

Ibiyinka Olufemi Alao of Nigeria, a winner of the United Nations International Art Competition, recently visited the United States Sports Academy’s American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA) during a tour of the United States.

He was guest of Academy Art Committee Chairperson Nancy Raia. During the visit, he displayed the original of his work: “Grace: That Even The World Can Pass Through It.”

“The battle against poverty is yet to be recorded accurately in our history books, yet it is memorable enough for those who took part in it,” Alao states. “These people now know that the greatest equipment that guarantees victory is love.

“Nothing defines true love as much as Grace. Grace makes beauty out of ugly things. Because of Grace, what causes pain no longer hurts.”

His winning entry, in a contest sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund in 2001, was “Girls and a Greener Environment,” which chronicled the life of a girl from infancy to adulthood and the values she acquires along the paths of life.

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