Regan and MichaelsAn annual event for ASAMA is the Academy’s Awards of Sport program. Designated as a “Tribute to the Artist and the Athlete,” the medallion series recognizes outstanding performances and contributions by national and international leaders, coaches, administrators, athletes and artists in the world of sport. This year’s honorees are representative of the many outstanding individuals who have been so recognized since the inception of the program in 1984.

SamaranchPresident Ronald Reagan, for whom the Academy’s Award of Sport Media Award is named, confers the award on honoree Al Michaels as Academy President Dr. Thomas Rosandich looks on.

International Olympic Committee President Juan Antonio Samaranch (Center) meets with Academy trustees Dr. Thomas Rosandich (Left) and Dr. Liston Bochette (Right) at the IOC headquarters at Chateau Videa in Lison Switzerland. Samaranch lent to the Academy’s awards of Sports Program the name of the IOC President to honor the disabled athlete of the year.

SchwartzneggerOne of the most recognized faces in the world, Arnold Schwartznegger (right) receives the Order of the Eagle Exemplar from Academy President Dr. Thomas Rosandich recognizing his being named the recipient of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Fitness Award one of the medallion series in Academy’s awards program.