As President and Chief Executive Officer of the United States Sports Academy I welcome you to our website. We hope your online tour of the institution will be both enjoyable and informative.

The Academy was founded in 1972 with the mission to upgrade the profession of sport which within the United States was in a state of disarray at the time. It was clear that the best means of addressing this situation was through education and so the initial impetus for the creation of the Academy came from the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA).

These professional sport administrators and coaches whose backgrounds also included working in an educational environment played an instrumental role in the development of the Academy’s curriculum. Thus the Academy almost half a century ago became the first and only free standing, accredited school of sport in America, a distinction that continues to this day.

The curriculum and degree offerings of the Academy include the Bachelor of Sports Science (B.S.S.) in four disciplines, Master of Sports Science (M.S.S.) in five disciplines and Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Sports Management. The Academy also offers a wide array of continuing education and certificate programs. The reach of the Academy has been enormous having delivered sport education programs in more than 65 countries around the world.

Since the Academy’s founding, the institution has conferred more than 5,000 sport-specific degrees at all levels and touched the lives of untold thousands more through our certification programs in the U.S. and around the world. The success of these alumni is legion, ranging from collegiate Division I coaches, to senior sport administrators in professional sports and athletic directors at the university level. We also count among our alumni professional athletes and Olympic gold medal winners, not only from the United States but also from abroad. Given our track record of success, we can truly say that the Academy is “America’s Sports University.”

Indeed, our alumni have used their Academy education to achieve success as coaches, managers, athletic directors and administrators. They are entrepreneurs, healthcare providers, researchers, teachers, college faculty, school administrators and many others. They serve at all levels of sports, including professional, Olympic, collegiate, interscholastic, and recreational.

The Academy’s success at launching and enhancing the careers of its alumni has been driven by a singular focus on sport and a constant commitment to innovation. As such, our expert faculty are leaders in sport education, our innovative experiential mentorship program gives students an edge in the job market, and our alumni benefit from our vast network of professional contacts throughout the world of sport.

Likewise, the institution today is technologically driven with all of our courses being delivered through online delivery. These have also been designed with the utmost flexibility to meet the demanding life styles of today’s students with innovations such as rolling registration that allows students to start whenever they are ready instead of having to wait until the school is ready.

The Academy also supports student learning and research with an electronic-based library through which students can access over 1.5 billion records held in 71,000 libraries in some 112 countries around the world.

The Academy offers a high quality, convenient and affordable sport education experience. Our programs are fully online and our frequent enrollment schedule allows you to start your courses when you are ready. You get to study on your schedule, so you can earn your degree, live at home and keep your job.

The Academy is committed to providing you with a high quality education at a very competitive price, which is particularly important to the adult working student. The Academy features a low and reasonable single tuition rate for each course that covers everything, including your books and test proctoring fees. This saves you thousands of dollars on your degree compared to other schools that charge extra fees for every service imaginable. With the Academy, there are no hidden fees; what you see is what you get. The Academy also supports our men and women in service, including providing discounts for active military and spouses in the bachelor’s and master’s programs.

Ultimately, the Academy prides itself most on the commitment of its faculty and staff with helping its students grow and preparing them for responsible positions within the profession of sport. This commitment is reflected in the fact that more 95 percent of the Academy’s students would recommend our educational programs to their friends and colleagues, a fact that is of immeasurable importance to us.

The service component is also important to the institution. As a service to the profession the Academy publishes the online “The Sport Journal” (insert link) believed to be the most accessed refereed publication in the sport profession. The peer-reviewed academic journal is accessed more than 620,000 times per year. The faculty also encourages students to publish through “The Sport Digest” (insert link) a “news you can use” current event publication also registered with the Library of Congress.

The Academy has a dedication to culture that finds its expression through a division of the institution called the American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA). It is true that a society is reflected in the games that people play and in many languages around the world, the word “sports” can literally be translated as “physical culture.” Sport has always provided a natural tie between the physical and the visual and the ASAMA holdings include more than 1,800 pieces of art in all mediums.

ASAMA is open to the public and plays host to the individual visitors and special groups ranging from school kids to senior citizens. The Academy also recognizes excellence in sport through its annual awards program entitled, “The Academy’s Awards of Sport: A Tribute to the Artist and the Athlete,” which honors a wide range of accomplishment annually in the advancement of sport and art. This includes an annual worldwide ballot conducted to help select the Academy’s Male and Female Athletes of the Year. A full description can be found at

In closing, all of us at the United States Sports Academy are deeply committed to the personal success of each of our students and we are proud of the indelible positive impact our alumni have had on the world of sport for nearly half a century. We hope you will join us and our long line of distinguished alumni on your road to a satisfying and rewarding career in sport.