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Bachelor of Sports Science Sports Coaching

Positively impact others’ performance with a sports coaching degree from The United States Sports Academy (USSA)  — your key to an exciting, rewarding career in the sports industry. No other university offers a stronger sports management foundation than the Academy.  This program is offered online and, beginning in fall 2023, in person on the Academy’s campus.

USSA is the first and only U.S. sports academy, with an extensive alumni career network and graduates who go on to work in sports at rates more than three times the average for university graduates.

The sports coaching program covers all the science behind managing teams and individuals with coursework in psychology, coaching methodology, nutrition and strength and conditioning – just to name a few areas. It is a fulfilling option for those interested in leading others or working in the sports industry.

Here are a few more ways our program stands out:

Online or in-person program. All Academy bachelor of sports management courses are online. Beginning in fall 2023, this program will be offered in-person on the Academy campus, too.
Sports industry experts. Our faculty is exceptional, possessing years of industry experience and the majority of our courses are taught by professors who hold doctorate degrees. Faculty knowledge and mentorship will empower you to take on any sports management role with confidence.
Hands-on internships. Our sports management degree provides you with high-caliber internship placements to apply what you learn in the classroom.

Job growth of 20% for coaches and scouts is expected through 2031 – much faster than average according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Graduates of USSA’s sports management program are qualified to work in these roles:

  • Physical Education Teacher
  • Private Coach
  • Scout
  • Sports Development Officer
  • Sports Therapist
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Teacher (primary or high school)
  • Youth sport coach
  • Athletic Department Administrator

  • Athletic Director

  • Coach

  • Coach Developer

  • Interscholastic Coach

  • NCAA, NAIA or Junior College Coach

  • Outdoor Activities/education Manager

  • Personal Trainer

Major Core and Required Courses

Contemporary Issues in Sports
Ethics in Sports
Organization and Management in Sports
Leadership Principles in Sports
Business Information Systems
Psychology of Sports
Sports Coach Methodology
Scientific Principles of Human Performance
Applied Sports Performance
Sports Medicine
Sports Nutrition
Sports Marketing
Sports Strength and Conditioning


We are committed to making your bachelor of sports coaching degree affordable as well as accessible. We offer a low per-credit-hour fee and don’t require a residency, saving you travel and related costs. You’ll have 16 weeks to complete each course in the bachelor of sports coaching program and your books are included.

We offer generous scholarships and helpful financial aid. And, we are dedicated to supporting veterans and active military members who selflessly support all of us.

Minor Concentrations

Analytics in sports
Sports media and communication
Business administration
Women’s studies
Nutritional sciences
Project management
Esports management
Sports coaching
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“If a student is interested in having a career in coaching, and wants to be as proficient as possible on day one, there is no match to the detail oriented, all encompassing sports education you receive at the United States Sports Academy.”

Acasio Roche
B.S.S. Sports Coaching 2023
NCACE Accredited 2021


The BSS in Sports Coaching is accredited at Level 3 status by the National Committee for Accreditation of Coaching Education

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