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Sports Management

Jump into the sports industry with a one-of-a-kind bachelor’s in sports management!

ACSBP Accredited

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the $400 billion sports industry? Sports management offers you not only the chance to manage athletes, but maybe even travel the world.

What is sports management?

In a sports management career, you could work with local organizations or with a professional team, in roles that range from administration to marketing. A degree in sports management intersects all business areas.

Now that you can answer the question, what is sports management, you should also know that where you get your degree matters. A Bachelor of Sports Science (B.S.S.) Sports Management degree from the United States Sports Academy is your key to an exciting, rewarding career in the sports industry. And no other university offers a stronger sports management foundation than the Academy.

USSA is the first and only U.S. sports academy, with an extensive alumni career network and graduates who go on to work in sports at rates more than three times the average for university graduates.


 of alumni say their sports management degree from the Academy prepared them for their career in sport.

Alumni Successes

Strong growth rate for sports management


per year through 2028 — which is faster than other occupations
(U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

More On Tuition

Earn your bachelor of sports management from the sports education leader.

At the Academy, you will receive a premiere education. Your B.S.S. degree in sports management provides expert instruction in every aspect of sports management, including entertainment. Here are just some of the ways our program stands out:

  1. 100% online. All Academy bachelor of sports management courses are online. Pursue your degree from anywhere, anytime that’s convenient for you.
  2. Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) accreditation. Since our bachelor of sports management program is accredited by the ACBSP, you will be ready to take qualifying exams upon graduation.
  3. Sports industry experts. Our faculty is exceptional, possessing years of industry experience. On top of that, the majority our courses are taught by professors who hold doctorate degrees. Faculty knowledge and mentorship will empower you to take on any sports management role with confidence.
  4. Hands-on internships. Our sports management degree provides you with high-caliber internship placements to apply what you learn in the classroom.
  5. Ranked top 10. U.S. News & World Report ranked the Academy’s bachelor’s degree programs among the nation’s top 10 online sports degree programs.

Throw the winning touchdown with a degree in sports management.

Behind every athlete, team, and crowd-cheering play are professionals who keep the wheels turning. Without them, sports wouldn’t be the exciting pastime it is.

Your bachelor of sports management degree from the Academy opens the door to an electrifying arena filled with opportunity. By completing our sports management degree, you may qualify for roles such as:

  • Athletic coach
  • Athlete development specialist
  • Athletic director
  • Business development coordinator
  • Contract administrator
  • Contract negotiation manager
  • Event coordinator
  • Facilities manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Operations manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Sport agent

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Learn the latest sports management concepts.

The Academy’s Bachelor of Sports Science in Sports Management will teach you the basics as well as the contemporary — and often complex — issues that affect the industry. Our courses delve into topics such as ethics, technology, public relations, sports law, risk management, leadership, marketing, accounting and facilities management.

Sports Management Curriculum

  • Contemporary Issues in Sports
  • Ethics in Sports
  • Organization and Management in Sports
  • Leadership Principles in Sports
  • Technology in Sports
  • Personnel Management in Sports
  • Sports Marketing
  • Sports Managerial Accounting
  • Sports Promotion and Event Planning
  • Public Relations in Sports
  • Sports Facilities Management
  • Sports Law and Risk Management
  • Introduction to Sports Security Management

Key Subject Areas Available

  • Sociology in Sports
  • History of Sports
  • Psychology of Sports
  • Foundations of Amateur & Professional Sports
  • Olympic Culture
  • Legal Concepts in Sports
  • Sports Business Agents
  • Fundraising in Sports

Research Core Courses:

  • Statistical Methods in Sports
  • Senior Research Project

Bachelor’s Internship

Enroll in an affordable sports management bachelor’s program.

We are committed to making your bachelor of sports management degree affordable as well as accessible. We offer a low per-credit-hour fee and don’t require a residency, saving you travel and related costs. You’ll have 16 weeks to complete each course in the bachelor of sports management program and your books are included.

We offer generous scholarships and helpful financial aid. And, we are dedicated to supporting veterans and active military members who selflessly support all of us.

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While earning our bachelor’s degree in sports management offers you the potential for outstanding job prospects, maybe you’d like to explore other options.

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So what is sports management?

Your gateway to the sports industry. Your ticket to new adventures.

50 Years of Sports Science Excellence

The Academy was founded in 1972 by Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich in direct response to the ever increasing needs and demands in sport and society in America.

From the beginning, the Academy’s mission has been to serve the nation and the world as a sport education resource through programs of instruction, research and service. It continues to be the only accredited free-standing sports university in the United States.