The student’s mentorship experience is designed to provide actual, in-the-field training within the sports profession. In addition, the mentorship can help build a professional network. Progression through the mentorship is documented as follows:

  • Students have one year from the date of registration to complete the required number of mentorship hours.
  • During the mentorship, each month the student must submit a brief report summarizing mentorship activities and listing the number of hours accrued for that month. These monthly reports represent 33% of the student’s grade.
  • With the first monthly report, the student must submit a photograph of him/herself with the mentor; an action photograph is preferred.
  • Each month, the mentor must submit a brief monthly evaluation of the student’s progress and attest to the hours worked.
  • After the required number of hours is complete, the student will write a comprehensive paper in APA format about the experience. This paper represents 33% of the grade.

Refer to the Mentorship Handbook for details on how to structure the final paper, but briefly, it should be 12-20 pages in length and formatted according to APA rules. The student must list each learning objective and how it was achieved. The student must also provide an analysis of whether the mentorship prepared him/her for future employment.

  • Also, after the required hours are complete, the Mentor will submit a final comprehensive evaluation of the student’s performance. This evaluation represents 33% of the student’s grade.
  • To complete the mentorship experience, the Mentorship Advisor will conduct an oral interview with the student via phone. This interview represents 1% of the student’s grade. At this time, the student must also complete an end-of-course survey.
  • Mentorship grades are recorded as Pass/Fail.