United States Sports Academy Consumer Information

United States Sports Academy Achieves Highest Rating for Financial Strength

The United States Sports Academy has achieved the highest possible score on the latest U.S. Department of Education Financial Responsibility Test for private and non-profit institutions. The Academy scored a 3 on a scale of -1 to 3 on the rating, which evaluates institutions’ debt, assets, net income, and other factors related to financial health. Only about 40 percent of the nation’s universities achieve the 3 rating.

United States Sports Academy Students Have Low Default Rate on Federal Student Loans

The United States Sports Academy’s federal student loan default rate is well below the national average, according to the latest U.S. Department of Education statistics. The current national average default rate for all federal student loans that went into repayment in 2013 is 11.3 percent, while the comparable data for Academy students is 7.3 percent, according to federal data released in September 2016.