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Emergency and Counseling Hotline Telephone Numbers

Emergency Assistance

We would like to provide you with contact information for the following resources. Each of these resources exists to assist individuals in need of help, information or support. If you have any questions regarding this list, please feel free to contact the department of Administration at

Emergency Resources

Emergency (police, fire, and rescue):
Always dial 911 for life-threatening emergencies

24 Hour National Suicide Prevention Lifeline / Mental Health Crisis Lifeline
800.273.TALK (8255)
TTY Line: 800.799.4889

24 Hour National Domestic Violence Hotline
800.799.SAFE (7233)
TDD Line: 800.787.3224

Poison Control Center

National Child Abuse Hotline
800.4.A.CHILD (422-4453)

Helps families and friends of alcoholics recover from the effects of living with the problem drinking of a relative or friend.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse Hotline
Provides information, support, treatment options, and referrals to local rehab centers for any drug or alcohol problem.
800.662.HELP / 800.662.4357
TDD 800.487.4889

24 Hour National Alcohol and Substance Abuse Information Center

American Social Health Association STI Resource Center


CDC National AIDS Hotline / National STD Hotline
800.CDC.INFO (232-4636)

Gay and Lesbian National Hotline
888.THE.GLNH (843-4564)