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Seeking Support

Abusive sexual conduct by anyone is a threat to the entire USSA community.  All students who believe another individual has personally violated them in a sexual manner should immediately report the incident to the Title IX/Coordinator, USSA Dean of Administration and Finance, any other member of the senior management team at USSA, and/or to local police.

Students are strongly encouraged to report all incidents that threaten the student’s continued well-being, safety, or security.  University personnel will assist the student in notifying authorities, if requested.

Reporting sexual misconduct helps:

  • Protect the victim and others from future harm.
  • Apprehend the alleged assailant.
  • Maintain future options regarding persecution.
  • Disciplinary action, criminal, and/or civil action against the perpetrator.

If you are raped or sexually assaulted:

  • Go to a safe place. Think safety first.
  • Preserve evidence. Do not bathe, shower, douche, change clothes or straighten up the crime scene.
  • Contact someone who can help. The policy, Campus safety officer, a friend, campus staff or faculty.
  • Seek medical attention at a hospital emergency room:
    • To assess and treat any physical injuries.
    • To determine the risk of sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy and to take appropriate measures.
    • To collect evidence.

Key Contacts

Confidential support resources can be found in the Confidentiality Policy as well as the USSA Student Catalogs.

Title IX/SaVE Coordinator of USSA:

Dr. Vince Nix

Phone:  251-626-3303


Mailing Address:  1 Academy Drive, Daphne, AL   36526

Other Members of Senior Management Team:

Ms. Holly McLellan, Dean of Administration and Finance

Phone:  251-626-3303, ext. 7223


Response and Reporting

Whenever a report or complaint is filed, USSA will inform of the options for action.  Please see the Sexual Misconduct Policy in the USSA Academic Catalogs for more information.  Regardless of whether a victim files a formal complaint or requests action, USSA will conduct a prompt, impartial, and thorough investigation and take steps to resolve.

All allegations of a violation of the Sexual Misconduct Policy will be referred to the Title IX Coordinator of USSA at