United States Sports Academy Alumnus, Brandon Bowling, has recently been hired by Northern State University (NSU) as their new Director of Athletic Marketing and Development.Brandon BowlingBowling began his mission to be an Athletics Administrator when he first came to Daphne, Ala., home of the Academy, in 2006, after he received a recommendation from one of his college’s basketball coaches. His love for sport really began then, when he began working toward his Master of Sport Science degree in Sports Management.

“Today I come to the table with over six years of experience with CBS Sports,” he said. “NSU is an amazing institution with a ton of clout and I am extremely excited to make amazing memories in Aberdeen.”

With this appointment, Bowling will be in the driver’s seat for his future, and being there, he said, will only allow him to continue to grow.

“NSU has amazing leadership and I can’t wait for the professional development that is ahead of me,” he said.

While serving as the Director of Athletic Marketing and Development at Norther State, Bowling will be responsible for the marketing of the institution’s 15 sports programs, along with the development of partnerships with donors and corporate sponsors, in order to create exposure and grow the brand of NSU Athletics.

Bowling’s education with the Academy started with the residential program that was offered on campus and he finished his coursework through the online degree program. His experience with the online format was helpful to his career goals and the mentorship also played a huge part in his education.

“The online program working at my pace allowed me to finish my degree working with CBS Sports,” he said. “I believe in the institution’s degree programs for sure without hesitation!”

His expectations for the future have not wavered much since he began his mission to play a major role in the sport world some 10 years ago.

“My goal was to be an Athletics Director and I am well on my way and am in an amazing position in collegiate athletics administration!”

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