United States Sports Academy master’s degree program alumnus Rick Tice joined the Great Midwest Athletic Conference as assistant commissioner in January of 2020.

Tice earned his Master of Sports Science degree in sports coaching from the Academy in 1989 at a time when the institution held on-campus instruction. He said the Academy’s well-rounded coursework and networking opportunities have been beneficial throughout his career in athletics coaching and administration.

“My degree for the Academy has helped a tremendous amount throughout my career,” Tice said. “The education and experience from by time on campus was a great asset early in my career and gave me some opportunities to advance my career. My time on campus was a great experience early in my career. Good relative coursework, professors, and I was able to meet some great new people who are still my friends today.”

As the conference’s assistant commissioner, Tice coordinates 23 conference championship events with duties including securing site contracts, coordinating championship manuals, sponsorships, awards, and merchandise sales.

“The competition during the regular season and championships has been great to watch,” Tice said. “Part of my work is devoted to making the championship events a great experience for the student-athletes of our member schools. I have enjoyed working with the staff and the members of conference.”

Tice was able to work on the conference’s winter season championships before the COVID-19 pandemic brought many sports events around the world to a halt. The hiatus has given Tice time to plan for the Great Midwest’s 10th anniversary events in 2021.

“I’m excited to be here for the 10th anniversary,” he said. “The conference has grown so much and I’m thrilled to be part of its continued expansion. Our membership continues to compete well regionally and at the national level.”

Prior to joining the conference staff, Tice worked in coaching and athletic administration at Malone University, where he coached basketball and softball and later worked as an administrator in the athletic department.