Academy Alumnus Abdulrahman Ali Buali, who completed an International Diploma in Sport Management in 2005, was elected on November 29, 2014 to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Parliament representing the Muharraq Governorate: Eighth Constituency.

Ali Buali was a long-serving Director of the Sport Facilities Department of the General Organization for Youth Sports (GOYS). GOYS is the Central Sports Organization (CSO) for the Kingdom and as such, is the equivalent to a Ministry of Sports for the country. As the Director, he was responsible for the maintenance and day-to-day operations of the GOYS owned physical plant and the preparation of sports facilities for events and competitions. Seeking continued professional development, he enrolled in the Academy’s management Diploma program and successfully completed the coursework and mentorship in 2005.

One month ago the Kingdom of Bahrain held elections for their Parliament and Abdulrahman Ali Buali was elected. This is significant because Bahrain is among the first Arab Monarchy’s that has open elections for a bicameral representational parliament.

The Academy has a long relationship with Bahrain that began in 1977 providing coaches and sports scientists to GOYS to assist in the development of their national sports effort. Over the decades that followed, the Academy worked with numerous organizations in the country on a host of sports education programs.

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