Sport entrepreneur and United States Sports Academy doctoral student, Brad Nein, is helping coaches and players through the several companies and online resources that he has helped create.

Nein is currently working on his dissertation to receive his doctoral degree from the Academy. His time studying has led to increased professional success within his many roles in youth sports.

“As I successfully completed courses at the Academy, confidence in my abilities grew,” he said. “From this I began to have the confidence to tackle projects where my opinion, values, and beliefs could openly be questioned.”

The courses at the Academy allowed Nein to develop his thoughts and ideas on the topic of youth sports, the direction that his career has ultimately taken.

“With the assistance of fantastic professors who teach using a guided discovery method, I was immediately able to be put into practice on the soccer field the theory I learned,” Nein said.

Photo of NeinFollowing his passion, Nein teamed up with his brother, Matt, to create a blog that focuses on coaching youth sports. The company,, provides positive educational resources to empower athletes, families, coaches, and organizations, encouraging lifetime success through dynamic sport experiences.

“This website is our gift to our father, Ammon Nein,” he said. “Early in our lives, he instilled the passion for sports and working towards lifetime success. We hope that we can have as great an impact on others in promoting a positive culture that is life altering as he did with us.”

Nein is also the Chief Operating Officer for Storm Soccer Academy, a soccer enrichment program for children ages three through eighteen, and Sweet Feet, a program for children ages two through seven, both located in Savannah, Ga.

Nein’s interest in coaching sports began at a young age when he played high school soccer and then college soccer. He was a goalkeeper for four years on his alma mater’s soccer team, the Salisbury University Sea Gulls. He ultimately earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and later received his Master’s in Post-Secondary Education from the school.

“I enjoyed participating with the soccer team as a goalkeeper,” Nein said. “During this time I took a great interest in coaching.”

Nein has served as a soccer coach for much of his career, from the college level at Salisbury University, to the middle school level at Bennett Middle School. He also taught Physical Education at Bennett Middle School for six years while he led the Bennett High School soccer team.

“We were extremely successful at the high school with a super group of girls,” he said.

His goals for the future have changed drastically because of the Academy and his graduation is right around the corner as soon as he defends his final dissertation.

“Goals that I have developed over the course of the past few years have tied directly to the instruction I received at United States Sports Academy,” he said. “A significant goal I have is educating youth sport participants, coaches, and families about creating positive environments where success grows for each participant.”

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