United States Sports Academy graduate Matt Lowe has an opportunity that most coaches at the collegiate level never get – to be the first coach in their program’s history. Lowe was recently hired as the first ever coach for the brand new women’s cross country team at Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen, Wash.

Lowe holds a Master of Sports Science (M.S.S.) degree in sports coaching from the Academy. He also had a successful collegiate running career at Brescia University in Owensboro, Ky. He recently coached cross country at Kentucky Wesleyan College, where he helped design training for long-distance runners in the steeplechase, 5k, 10k distances, and throwing events; and helped athletes achieve All-Conference Academic and Athletic honors as well as winning conference titles and breaking school and conference records.

“The courses that I took while I pursued my master’s in sports coaching coincided with gaining practical experience from the first school I coached at Kentucky Wesleyan College,” Lowe said. “I believe that both garnering knowledge and being able to apply newly acquired knowledge have helped me grow immensely as a coach. I’m grateful for the instructors who have motivated me over the course of the program and the Academy’s flexible course completion schedule provided me ample time to effectively manage my schedule to juggle coaching and my education.”

Lowe also has experience coaching cross country and track and field at Shelton High School in Washington, where he trained horizontal jumpers to win league titles, become school and league record holders, and qualify for district championships. Lowe’s most recent coaching stint was at Saint Martin’s University where he oversaw the shot put and discus events for the University’s track and field program from 2019-2021.

“I enjoy impacting the lives of young athletes who have the same passion as I do in cross country and track,” Lowe said. “These sports have provided me opportunities to meet many great athletes and coaches across all experience levels. Under the guidance of coaches in the role of both athlete and coach, I was fortunate to learn from them the intricacies of training and to effectively develop a program from its foundation.

“I came here to Grays Harbor College based on chance; I was applying to be a head coach just about anywhere in the country because my passion is to coach at the collegiate level. Forward to receiving the offer to be the program’s head coach and build it from the ground up, my wife and I were extremely excited for me to finally have the opportunity to exploit my talents as a coach and help young women recognize their potential through running.”

Lowe earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Brescia University and was a two-time All-American for the Bearcats in the 5K and 10K distance events. In addition to his Academy master’s degree, Lowe also holds a master’s degree in secondary education and a teaching endorsement in health and physical education.

A longtime athlete with a real love for cross country and track and field, Lowe said he appreciates that sport gives people the opportunity to improve their athletic talents and character.

“Sports play a pivotal role in shaping the social construct of young athletes, and many often find their identity through sport as they interact with others who enjoy similar things as they do, which helps many athletes find long-lasting friendships through sport,” Lowe said. “Another major learning lesson stemming from sports is creating a sense of accountability and time management.”