Ever wonder what the future of athletic performance, coaching and training will look like? Have you always wanted to train into the zone and have a flow-state experience? Join the Sports, Energy and Consciousness Group (SEC) for a taste of that future, a weekend celebration of integral learning that combines body, mind, heart and soul to explore the vast potential of our athletic abilities.

The SEC will hold the “SEC Sports Festival: Awakening Human Potential Through Sports” from Friday, 10 June 2016 through Sunday 12 June 2016 at the Dominican University of California in San Rafael, Calif.

“The SEC is proud to offer a 20 percent discount to the United States Sports Academy family via this alumni newsletter and outreach to the entire Academy circle of friends,” said Dr. Michael Spino, long-time Academy National Faculty, current Distance Learning Faculty member and SEC founding member.

“Innovation has been the hallmark of the Academy even within the career of its founder and President Emeritus, Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich, who was a young progressive coach of miler Wes Santee in the quest for the first four-minute mile, a true breakthrough and an exciting era in middle distance running history,” Spino said.  “This was a special time when performance-changing ideas emerged and approaches were being tested for their effectiveness. Therefore, with pride the 40 years of progress and expansion of the Academy vision places it as one of the giant institutions whose shoulders on which projects like SEC have their basis.”

Spino has been involved with the Academy for more than 20 years teaching courses, traveling internationally, and providing awards of distinction to such luminaries as Professor Sir Peter Snell, former world mile record holder and prominent sport educator.

The event will feature keynote talks by Michael Murphy and Ken Wilber, two of the leading figures of the integral movement. Integral coaching is emerging at the leading edge of competitive development, with professional coaches like Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks and basketball’s legendary Phil Jackson using an integral approach to coaching at the highest levels.

Spino said participants will explore the mystical experiences of the sporting life, as world-class athletes and trainers reveal the often unmentioned parts of the game, such as when time slows down, and when players know in advance what is going to happen and can read the minds of opponents.  He said participants will gain an understanding of what they are witnessing when an athlete breaks a record, defies gravity and does something that has never been done before.

The sports festival is aimed at a variety of interests for participants including movement and fitness, dance and yoga, recreational athletes, individuals who wish to realize their latent abilities, competitive players, and coaches and trainers interested in taking their teaching to the next level.

“The SEC Sports Festival is the first-ever conference on integrated learning that will give you how-to, no-nonsense practices aimed at taking athletic performance into a whole new dimension and provide everyday take-home practices that will harness the power of your true athletic ability,” Spino said. “You will learn a vast variety of practical, effective and dependable innovative methods to successfully manage the mental aspect of sport performance.

“Join us for a weekend of sport as transformative practice, and see how integral coaching is the game-changer of the future. We look forward to meeting open-minded, life-long learning participants like you to ‘catch the vision’ of constant and consistent attainment of top-level performance,” Spino said.

For more information on the conference and to get the discount being offered to alumni and friends of the Academy, use discount code ussa2016 to sign up at the conference website: