Academy student, Chris Johnson, successfully balances a demanding schedule amid pursuing his doctoral degree and administrating multiple successful businesses. Johnson, a fitness consultant and athletic performance coach, specializes in high school, collegiate and post-collegiate athletic development in addition to the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

Currently pursuing a doctorate in Sports Management with an emphasis in Health and Fitness from the Academy, Johnson is the owner, president, and founder of Improve with Chris, a fitness service business, and also the chief executive officer and co-founder of PROformance, LLC, a lifestyle application company.

“We develop apps that link people’s hobbies with useful technology,” said Johnson. “Currently, we are developing Reach Your Peak, which brings together people in team settings from a range of sports from hiking to soccer.”

Johnson, an honor student in the Spring 2014 term, has appeared on the cover of Boston Magazine and been featured in Runner’s World Magazine, along with numerous other publications. In the past, he has consulted for well-known organizations such as Runner’s World Magazine, The Boston Globe, and New England Cable News. He is also the creator of PROformance Training Systems (TM) and the author of PR Pace: Strength & Performance Training for Distance Runners.

Johnson is constantly searching for a way to combine his passion for sports fitness and business. In the future, he aspires to become a professor, which was his primary reason for choosing to pursue his terminal degree from the Academy.

“I chose the Sports Academy because I am studying sports management; research emphasis first, and then sports science,” Johnson said. “I was torn between two areas, so the Academy fits my career goals. I like the structure of the online courses and the rolling registration. It is very convenient – I can take classes whenever I want.”

While Johnson’s passion lies in performance coaching, he understands the strain that athletics can place on the body over time.

“I can’t do [athletics] forever, but I love coaching and I want to be a professor.”

Johnson, an accomplished long distance runner, captained both his high school and collegiate teams and qualified for the Boston Marathon numerous times.

In addition, he has finished in the top five in numerous prevalent marathons, such as the Hyannis Marathon in 2009 and 2010, the Boston 13.1 Marathon in 2010 and the Cape Ann Half Marathon in 2011.