York College Professor Earns Doctorate from Academy

The Academy is proud to announce Dr. Molly Sauder as its newest doctoral graduate. Dr. Sauder, currently a sports management professor at York College in York, Pa., successfully defended her dissertation in “Early Experiential Learning and Perceived Outcomes from Sport Management Internships” in early September.

“I had a great experience [at the Academy],” Dr. Sauder said. “I had a great mentorship also.  I worked in research with a colleague in the sports management field, which was very meaningful…I really liked that I was able to specialize and concentrate in human resources, which was a really good fit for my background and my interests.  I had a really positive experience.”

Dr. Sauder liked the fact that the Academy allowed her the freedom to work independently.  Because of her career path, Dr. Sauder chose to be mentored in sport management, which believes resulted in a good experience.

“The doctoral program was naturally the next step because it continued everything that I liked and everything I was good at,” Dr. Sauder said.

Dr. Sauder wanted to pursue a terminal degree in sports management without relocating.  She favored the Academy’s doctorate curriculum and its decision to preserve the integral parts of doctoral education such as dissertations.  Dr. Sauder praises her dissertation committee and also her colleagues at York College for supporting her throughout the process.

“Some distance learning programs are getting away from those sorts of things, but being that I work in higher education, that was really important to me,” Dr. Sauder said in reference to her being given the opportunity to present her dissertation on-site.

Beginning her sixth year as a professor at York College, Dr. Sauder believes earning her doctoral degree has presented opportunities in scholarships and advancement along with enriching her current career.

Prior to earning her degree from the Academy, Dr. Sauder received her bachelor’s degree in athletic training and health and physical education from Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, Pa., in 2003. She later earned her master’s degree in counseling from Shippensburg University in Shippensburg, Pa., in 2006, while concurrently serving as a graduate assistant.

Dr. Sauder also served as a member of the National Society for Experiential Education Board Member from 2009-2012 and was the recipient of the Carl A. Naugle Family Graduate Fellowship from 2005-2006

In addition to her role as an instructor, Dr. Sauder coordinates the sport management programs and prepares students professionally for these experiences.

Previously, Dr. Sauder served as an associate director of career development at York College in which she coordinated a campus-wide elective internship program and engaged students in comprehensive career planning. Dr. Sauder has also worked as a collegiate-level athletic trainer and course instructor.

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