DAPHNE, Ala. – Dr. Tim Dornemann said his doctoral degree from the United States Sports Academy has been beneficial to his career as an educator, scholar, writer and international instructor.

Dornemann earned his Doctor of Education degree in sports management from the Academy in 2014. He is the director of sports performance at Barton College in Wilson, N.C., where he oversees the strength and conditioning programs for the institution’s 21 intercollegiate athletic teams. He coordinates and teaches in Barton’s exercise science program and studies the use of vibration training and rotary inertial training in athletic development.

Like many of the Academy’s graduates, Dornemann said the institution’s flexible scheduling and online learning options made his doctoral degree program the best fit for his needs.

“I had looked at attending traditional doctoral degree program, but the opportunity to complete my degree through the Academy was a blessing,” Dornemann said.

“I was able to have the flexibility to do consulting, which led to the production of my first book. I was able to take advantage of extending my first teaching trip to the Philippines from one to three months due to the flexibility allowed by the Academy’s online format. This allowed me to train 100 national level coaches for the Philippine Olympic Committee while developing an athletic development curriculum that I continue to use today and serves as the base for an international certificate in strength and conditioning coaching that I am developing.”

Dornemann is a member of the Academy’s National Faculty, a group of highly qualified faculty who teach in the Academy’s international post-secondary non-degree education programs. He was one of the instructors who took part in the Academy’s 2012 pilot program to train 1,000 Malaysian physical education teachers to improve the fitness of that nation’s youth. Since then, Dornemann has also has taught for the Academy in Bangkok, Thailand, and will travel to China to teach the Academy’s programs in Shanghai this summer. He will also teach for the Academy in Thailand this month.

“My experience as a member of the Academy’s National Faculty has had a profound impact on my career and provided me with a vast number of international experiences that I would not have had otherwise,” Dornemann said.

“Being part of the pilot program in Malaysia for nearly six months allowed me to expand my experience teaching a variety of courses, complete my mentorship, and experience a new country and culture. Teaching in the Thailand program has always been an excellent experience and I am looking forward to teaching both the basic and advanced strength and conditioning courses this May. I am also excited to have the opportunity later this summer to teach in Shanghai.

“What I enjoy most about being at Barton is the ability to do a little bit of everything,” he said. “I am able to teach and still be involved in strength and conditioning. Plus, I have the flexibility to do research and have been able to do undergraduate student research projects. I am currently finishing up a Healthcare Foundation of Wilson grant funded project that provided more than $100,000 of exercise equipment for a local assisted living facility.”

Dornemann earned his bachelor’s degree in sports management from Rockford (Ill.) University and his master’s degree in exercise physiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A former baseball player and wrestler, Dornemann said he’s fortunate to have been able to combine his love of exercise science with his education in sports management and turn it into a successful career.

“My love of sport and a natural ability to get stronger sparked my interest in strength and condition and exercise physiology,” Dornemann said. “Being able to combine exercise science and sports management has served to be a great combination so far in my career.”

Dornemann has written three books, “PowerRev ‘Four Laws of Victory’ Character Development Program: Build Successful Teams and Athletes by Teaching Lessons That Transcend Sports”; “PowerRev Youth Athletic Development Program: Building Champions in Sports and in Life”: and “Russian Vibration Training: The Mikheev Method.”

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