United States Sports Academy alumnus Ed Comeau has been named the general manager of the Canadian men’s box lacrosse team for the upcoming Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) World Championship in 2019.

Comeau earned his Master of Sports Science degree in sports coaching from the Academy in 2008. A native of Hamilton, Ontario, Comeau has been part of Canada’s box lacrosse program since its inception in 2002, serving as an assistant coach in the 2003 and 2007 World Championship tournaments and as head coach for the 2011 and 2015 tournaments. In his new role as general manager, Comeau will be involved in the selection of coaches and staff, training schedules and the evaluation and selection of players, among other duties.

“I earned my Academy degree in coaching, but the education was applicable to all phases of what I do now as general manager,” Comeau said. “The courses I took were helpful as a coach, but also in facility management, how to deal with player injuries, scheduling and everything else. The Academy gave me a well-rounded education and taught me how to lead and manage a team.

“Now that I’m stepping into a general manager’s role, I look back at what I learned from the Academy and see it helping me in this role. I really appreciate the well-rounded education that I can apply every day in my career.”

Comeau earned his Academy master’s degree while coaching in the National Lacrosse League (NLL), where he has served as a coach and general manager for teams since the 1990s. He earned NLL Coach of the Year honors in 2017 and 2007 and was named NLL General Manager of the Year in 2009 for his work with the New York Titans.

Comeau is the current head coach of the NLL’s Georgia Swarm, who won the league championship in 2017.

“It was Atlanta’s first professional sports championship since the Braves won the World Series in the 1990s,” Comeau said. “It was very exciting, because the popularity of lacrosse has really picked up over the last few years. I’ve read that it is actually one of the fastest growing sports in the United States.

“Lacrosse’s greatest marketing tool is the game itself. Lacrosse is fast and fun. It has the intensity of hockey, the contact of football and the strategy of soccer and basketball. Lacrosse isn’t as contact-heavy as football, so I think some parents have gravitated to it because of that. Also, the equipment looks cool and it is a fast paced game.”

He has been head coach of the Swarm since 2015, a job he also held with the Orlando Titans (2009-2010) and Rochester Knighthawks (2006-2008). He also served as an assistant coach with the Colorado Mammoth (2010-2014), Knighthawks (2004-2006) and Toronto Rock (1998-2004).

Comeau said there will be 21 countries represented when the FIL World Championship begins in September 2019 in British Columbia. The Canadians have won four consecutive world titles with a 24-0 record at the event since 2002.

“This is a very cool opportunity, to go from coach to general manager of such a successful program,” Comeau said.