Busy may have met its match in Mr. Stephen Metcalfe.

As if serving as Athletic Director and head coach for men’s basketball at Pelita Harapan University in Tangeran, Indonesia, wasn’t enough to fill his daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planners, Metcalfe also manages to find time to be Sports Director for a high school within the university campus, resident director of the university and director of a Mission Youth for Christ group. On his “down” time, he takes classes at the United States Sports Academy – at the doctoral level.


In pursuing a lifelong dream to earn a doctorate, which will be an Ed.D in Sports Management with a specialization in Leadership and an emphasis in Sport Coaching once completed, Metcalfe has pulled no punches in being active, multi-tasking and, essentially, stretching himself to extremes beyond anyone’s norm in order to accomplish what he wants on several levels.

For a man who just up and left the United States 18 years ago because he and his wife wanted an adventure, though, Metcalfe wouldn’t have it any other way, and, fortunately for him, the Academy’s accommodating online program works in his favor.

“I am highly engaged with our students and find little time to concentrate on my studies,” Metcalfe said, “but I feel my studies within the USSA have been great. I am learning and applying information from the assignments and reading nearly every week.

“Having time to do what I need to do with the flexibility of the USSA program is excellent for my busy schedule.”

Previously an assistant basketball coach at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho, Metcalfe arrived in Indonesia in 1997 and eventually created the sports department at Pelita Harapan in 2004, starting with basketball and soccer. Since then, the school has expanded to include swimming, badminton and volleyball as well as an intramural program and other after-school activities. Being the Executive Director of the Sport & Wellness Center also falls under his role as AD.

Under his tutelage, the basketball team has won 10 nationally recognized tournaments, including two national titles, and appeared in eight Final Fours since 2005. Metcalfe’s most recent edition captured that second national crown. A successful athlete at basketball, baseball and football when he was younger because he recognized his talents and limitations, Metcalfe, inspired by a favorite uncle who earned a doctorate and served as head of the English department at a university, isn’t about to let obstacles block his educational and vocational paths.

“My personal goal as far as my study within USSA is, first and foremost, to learn lessons and grow as an individual,” he said. “Secondly, it is to graduate and have the lifelong goal of ‘Dr. Stephen L. Metcalfe’ as a title I worked hard to achieve. (Lastly, it is) to be a true inspiration to my students and players, that they would see learning as lifelong pursuit and that many of them would seek advanced degrees and become the best person (they could) become.”

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