Academy Alumnus Invents Portable Dodgeball Game

Academy alumnus Rick Moody has invented a safer alternative to the long-standing childhood activity, dodgeball. Moody, who has experience teaching physical education at all academic levels, believes his time with the Academy helped lead him down an interesting path. Moody, a 2008 Masters of Sports Science graduate of the United States Sports Academy, is the inventor of an apparatus he calls Dodgeball2You™.

Moody had a strong concern that students would no longer have the opportunity to play dodgeball without access to school gyms. This resulted in the invention of Dodgeball2You™, a portable dodgeball arena with minor adjustments implemented to insure the safety of the players.

“Kids really love dodgeball, not dodgeball of the past because of the ball,” Moody said. “If you play with the right kind of ball, kids aren’t afraid to get hit.”

Currently, Dodgeball2You™, which began in March of this year, can be seen at festivals, birthday parties, tournaments, and leagues. With a patent pending and an abundant amount of positive feedback, Moody hopes his company will soon be franchised. During the month of October, Moody has more than 90 events scheduled.

Prior to his invention, Moody was teaching at the high school level and searching for a flexible route to further his education when he discovered the United States Sports Academy.

“It was a big plus because most similar programs are pretty expensive,” Moody said. “It was affordable when I started and I really liked the idea of doing everything online.”

Moody, the only one in his family to attend college, always wanted to work for himself. He believes online learning is a great way for people to continue working in their field while completing a degree that is going to help them advance to the next level.

“You could ask questions as you go and contribute to some forum or to posts with each class,” Moody said. “It helped me become a better researcher and to be able to find things on my own.”

Within three months of enrolling at the Academy, Moody was hired as a track and field and cross country coach at Webber International University in Babson Park, Fla. After serving at Webber International University for three years, Florida Southern hired Moody as a physical education instructor.

Moody earned his bachelor’s degree in physical education from Florida Southern College. Presently, Moody carries several Level II USA Track & Field certifications. In addition, Moody owns several running camps across the Southeast entitled Warrior Running Camps. The largest of these camps is normally held at Webber International University, which attracts over 200 runners annually. Moody is always creating new ways to play different games.

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