Amphone Rasasombath was already working in the patient care field when she decided to pursue her Bachelor of Sports Science degree in Sports Strength and Conditioning from the United States Sports Academy. Now, the institution’s Student of the Month is nearing the end of her bachelor’s program and eyeing a career boost in the personal training field.

A native of Seattle, Wash., Rasasombath said she heard about the Academy from a friend. After graduating from Rainier Beach High School, she discovered a passion for health and fitness and earned a certificate in the field from the ACE Academy. She works as a personal fitness and aerobic trainer and would like to pursue a doctorate in the personal training discipline.

“I was looking for somewhere to get a bachelor’s degree and I loved sports and personal training,” Rasasombath said. “My friend told me about the Academy, and it turned out that it was just the right fit for me. Studying with the Academy has made me a better personal trainer.

“The Academy has shown me the bridge between the sports performance and healthcare aspects of personal training,” she said. “I’ve been able to use everything I learned in the classroom almost immediately in my career. Also, it has been beneficial to be able to continue working in my career while pursuing my degree.”

She also recently completed the mentorship portion of her bachelor’s program, working with Dr. Coy Judd at the 17th Fire Field Artillery and 555 Engineering Brigade at the Joint Base Lewis in McChord, Wash. She worked with Judd to plan and develop a series of conditioning programs for soldiers.

Rasasombath is a first generation American citizen born to parents from Thailand. She said she hopes her story can show other young women they can have a career in sport.

“In so many cultures women don’t play sports, and they certainly are not encouraged to go into sport as a career,” she said. “I hope that women like me who have a passion for sport realize there’s a place for them here, too.”