Brandon Fox is a former two-sport athlete who earned all-state honors in high school football and when he finishes his United States Sports Academy bachelor’s degree, he’d like to use that experience to coach at the collegiate level.

A resident of Littleton, Colo., Fox is the Academy’s Student of the Month for November. He’s currently pursuing his Bachelor of Sports Science degree in sports management while working full time for a landscaping business in his hometown.

“I have been interested in sports my whole life and when I was thinking about what I wanted to do in college, I went through several different degree paths but always came back to sports,” Fox said. “I love learning about sports at the Academy because it is more than just X’s and O’s. I’ve really enjoyed every class because they are sports-centered. The sports psychology course has been my favorite because I’ve been able to study the ‘why’ behind what coaches and athletes do.”

Like many of the Academy’s students, Fox works full time during the day and studies in his free time, often early in the morning or in the evenings when he gets home from his job in landscaping.

“The Academy is convenient for me because I can wake up early to do my classwork before I leave for my job,” Fox said. “And if there’s anything I need to finish up, I have the flexibility to do that in the evening. I take my academics very seriously and take pride in the work I do, so I’m thankful that the Academy allows me to work around my schedule.”

When he earns his degree, Fox plans to pursue work as a graduate assistant coach in the collegiate football ranks.

“I’d really love to be able to work as a coach in college football,” Fox said. “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do, and my education from the Academy is going to help me get there.”