Because of his dedication to learning and his successful mentorship program, doctoral degree candidate Jonathan Rosenberg was named the United States Sports Academy’s December 2019 Student of the Month.

Rosenberg is the director of the sports management program at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, N.Y. He is seeking his Doctor of Education degree in Sports Management with an Olympism emphasis from the Academy. He is currently in the dissertation phase and attended the Academy’s inaugural Dissertation Writing Intensive Workshop last fall.

“I chose the Academy because, first and foremost, I knew I would get a great education,” Rosenberg said. “But also, the Academy affords me the opportunity to work at my own pace. I work full time in education, so there are some days when I have time to complete all of my work, but there are other days that are filled with my professional life. So the flexibility that the Academy offers is a great benefit.”

As part of his doctoral program mentorship, Rosenberg founded a Sport in Society Symposium on the campus at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. He plans to host the symposium again in the fall of 2020.

“I should say that Dr. Cromartie has been really amazing and helpful throughout my doctoral program and my mentorship,” Rosenberg said. “Really every member of the faculty and all the staff I’ve interacted with has been helpful and great.”

At the College of Mount Saint Vincent, Rosenberg teaches courses related to marketing, sports management, facility management and sports business. Rosenberg presented at the prestigious North American Society for Sports Management’s (NASSM) 2017 Conference’s Teaching and Learning Fair in Denver, CO. The emphasis of the discussion was geared to how the associated critical thinking skills learned through learning and practicing formal debate can assist upper level students in preparation towards their pursuit of advanced degrees.

He also attended the Faculty Athletic Representatives (FAR) Conference at the NCAA Headquarters in 2017.