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The Academy offers one-of-a-kind bachelor’s degree programs in sports coaching, sports management, sports studies and sports strength and conditioning. Each program is specifically designed to meet the needs of up and coming sports professionals in one of the quickest growing industries in the world. All courses are available online for degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students so students can complete their studies at any time and any place. Our students are part of a global sports community with members in all 50 U.S states and 14 other countries.

All undergraduate degrees are upper-division programs. Student will complete 60 lower-division semester hours (a minimum of 30 semester hours required by transfer to begin) and 60 upper-division sport-specific semester hours to obtain the Bachelor’s of Sports Science Degree. The degree is offered in four majors: Sports Management, Sports Coaching, Sports Studies and Sports Strength and Conditioning.

Bachelor’s Program Details

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Bachelor of Sports Science Degree in Sports Management

In following the course of study, sports management students gain expertise needed for careers in sport facilities management, sports information, high school and college athletic-department management, professional sports front-office management and community relations. Students take courses in a variety of sport related courses in areas including Sports Marketing, Sports Law And Risk Management, Sports Facility Management, Leadership And Management, Personnel Management, Ethics, Public Relations, Fund Raising and Sport Agents.

Sports Security Emphasis

Prepare yourself to work in the $400 billion sports industry by earning your bachelor’s degree in Sports Management with an emphasis in Sports Security. In today’s security conscious environment, Sports Security offers a most appealing career option for today’s students.

Studying online with the United States Sports Academy can provide access to or advance a career in sports. The Sports Security emphasis can be obtained by taking three additional courses within any major.

A Sports Security emphasis could be the focus that is needed to open doors to new opportunities in the sports industry. Students who earn a degree with a Sports Security emphasis may find employment in a variety of sport settings.

The B.S.S. degree with an emphasis in Sports Security is designed for individuals who are interested in learning about the principles and theories associated with security and how they apply to sport venues.

This timely and convenient much needed emphasis includes the following courses:

SAM 487 Introduction to Sports Security Management (3 sem. hrs.)

This course examines the concepts, principles, and methods of organizing and administering security management and loss-prevention activities in industry, business, government, and sport venues. Emphasis is on protection of assets, personnel, and facilities.

SAM 488 Contemporary Sports Security Management (3 sem. hrs.)

In this course students examine principles and issues in security management as well as the challenges, concepts, strategies, and skills needed to manage security-related operations and activities. Focus is on leadership in management, personnel management, security planning and evaluation, communication, and best practices.

SAM 489 Introduction to Emergency Management for Sport Settings (3 sem. hrs.)

This course examines theories, components, systems, and strategies in contemporary disaster and emergency management. Students examine: 1) The historical, administrative, institutional, and organizational framework of disaster and emergency management in the United States; 2) The role of the federal, state, and local governments in disasters; 3) The role of nongovernmental organizations in emergency management; 4) The role of land use regulation, the media, crisis communication, insurance, and citizen participation; 5) The social and economic costs of disasters; and 6) The management of natural and man-made disasters.

Bachelor of Sports Science Degree in Sports Coaching

In following the course of study, sports coaching students gain expertise needed for careers in the exciting field of sports coaching. Program objectives help prepare students for the demands of leading individual and team sports at all levels. Graduates have gone on to work in all areas of the Sport Coaching industry using the specific knowledge created in the Sport Coaching curriculum. Students take courses in a variety of sport related courses in areas including Sports Psychology, Sports Coaching Methodology, Foundations of Amateur & Professional Sports, and Sports Medicine. Student also choose course from an exciting list of Sports Coaching Series Courses such as Coaching Football, Coaching Baseball, and Coaching Basketball (12 sports currently available).

Bachelor of Sports Science Degree in Sports Studies

Sports studies students create a sport-specific curriculum specific to their interests in the sports world. Courses are selected in accordance with each student’s interest from both the sports management and sports coaching departments. In this area, students will work closely with an advisor to develop a personalized course of study based upon their individual needs.

Bachelor of Sports Science Degree in Sports Strength and Conditioning

The Academy is now offering the only online bachelor’s degree in Strength and Conditioning that prepares students in all aspects of the field, including sports management. Strength and conditioning job opportunities are expanding and the knowledge required for sports professionals in the field is also increasing. Students who complete this degree will be prepared to take national certification exams, such as ones by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). The strength and conditioning and personal training certifications are often critical to advancement in the profession. Additionally, the sports university’s bachelor’s students will have both the physiological and sports management knowledge required to direct, develop and run a training facility. Also among the degree’s objectives are training students to work with athletes to improve their athletic performance, to understand nutrition, and to learn necessary kinesiology, anatomy and physiology to prevent and care for sports-related injuries.

Coinciding with this bachelor’s offering is a similar master’s program in Sports Fitness and Health. To learn more about the bachelor’s degree, click here.

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Academy courses are offered online so that students can conveniently take courses at anytime and from anywhere. Students can also enroll and start their studies anytime.

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