[heading]Emergency Policy[/heading]



To address its responsibility for the safety and welfare of students, faculty, staff, and visitors on the campus, the United States Sports Academy established the following Emergency Evacuation procedure:


Evacuation routes will be posted in public places showing a primary and secondary exit the building. Each section of the building is assigned an Emergency Response Coordinator. These Coordinators voluntarily escort personnel and visitors from their area and ensure their area is clear in the event of an evacuation. Employees will be informed who their area’s Coordinator is during orientation. New students and faculty/staff are also briefed on evacuation procedures. Typically, this will take place during registration and processing-in of new employees. During actual emergencies, the Security Guard, Administration, and/or Maintenance personnel will take charge of the evacuation, with the aid of the Emergency Response Coordinators, and make sure the building is emptied. They will then control reentry until an all clear is given.


(1) Fire, Bomb Threat, etc.: One long ring. Evacuate through the nearest exits to the outside. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. A drill is carried out once each semester to ensure that all faculty, staff and students are aware of proper procedures. Other important notes:
(a) When the alarm is sounded, leave your office immediately, closing the door in an unlocked position.
(b) If your office must be secured: Before leaving your office, log off your computer and lock your desk, IF THE SITUATION ALLOWS.
(c) The Emergency Response Coordinators will check each room, including rest rooms, in their area before evacuating.
(d) The Emergency Response Coordinators will close all hall doors and any other open doors in their area before evacuating.
(2) Tornado sighting/severe weather conditions: Three short rings. Evacuate all ground and second floor areas into the Eagle’s Club Fitness Center and/or Racquetball Court level. Emergency Response Coordinators will again ensure their areas are clear and secure all doors. Employees should secure their offices, including logging out of their computer and locking their desk, if applicable.
[heading]Hurricane Policy[/heading]


The United States Sports Academy has developed the following Hurricane Preparedness Action Plan in the event that a hurricane is forecast for our local area. It is part of the larger and more comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. This plan is designed to protect Academy staff, students, and property.

2. Plan activated based on hurricane path projection cone:
2.1. Hurricane Watches are normally issued by the National Hurricane Center when the projected landfall of a hurricane is 48 to 96 hours away. Hurricane Warnings are generally issued when a hurricane is forecast to make landfall within the next 24 to 48 hours. Neither of these advisories realistically provides the time necessary to secure the Academy and make it ready for such a storm.
2.2. Hurricane tracking is broadcast as a probability that is shown in the shape of a cone. Given that this cone is based on probabilities and that hurricanes are notorious for doing exactly that which is not predicted, the cone is still the best trigger mechanism to initiate the Hurricane Preparedness Action Plan.
2.3. Upon notice from national, state or local agencies that the Alabama and Northwest Florida Gulf Coast is under a Hurricane threat which places the Academy within the probability cone at the 5-day (120 hour) projection or sooner, Academy personnel will activate the Academy Preparedness Action Plan. The Senior Academy Official present on site, as noted in the Succession of Authority, will oversee Hurricane preparations.
2.4. When activation occurs during the normal workweek, the senior Academy official will convey this information to the various Division Heads. The Division Heads will, in turn, contact their Departmental Directors who, in turn, will have the responsibility of contacting those employees in their department. Once the Directors have contacted all of their subordinates, the Directors will, in turn, advise the Division Heads which employees by name have been notified and the reason why those by name have not been notified. The Division Heads will, in turn, advise the senior Academy official which employees by name have been notified and the reason why those by name have not been notified.
2.5. When activation occurs during a weekend or holiday, the Chaining Emergency Call List will be used and employees will be directed to report for work as though it is a regular workday. Appropriate flextime will be given after the hurricane has passed or the threat has diminished and preparation has been called off.
2.6. Any employees on leave for any reason will remain on their approved leave status but the appropriate Division Head will notify them that the Hurricane Preparedness Action Plan has been activated. On a case-by-case basis, they may be required to terminate their approved leave and report for work.
2.7. Preparation will continue unless the Senior Academy Official present on site, as noted in the Succession of Authority, determines that there should be a temporary pause in the preparations or preparations should cease because the hurricane threat no longer exists based on the continuous monitoring of the hurricane projections.

3. Reviews:
3.1. Annual Review of the Plan
3.1.1. This plan will be reviewed annually commencing the first week of April.
3.1.2. The Dean of Administration and Finance has overall responsibility for this review.
3.1.3. The reviewed plan with any revisions will be published in final form on or before the last working day in April.
3.2. Post Event Review (PER)
3.2.1. The Dean of Administration and Finance will exercise oversight for the total PER process.
3.2.2. The PER will be initiated within 2 work days of returning to normal operational status.
3.2.3. Each division head will conduct a PER with his or her respective personnel.
3.2.4. The list of hurricane preparation and recovery actions will be used as the foundation for this review.
3.2.5. The PER will identify what did or did not go as planned, along with recommendations for necessary change.
3.2.6. The PER will identify items that need to be added to the hurricane preparation and recovery plan with incorporation recommendations.
3.2.7. The division heads will consolidate Division PER results into a final written Academy PER within 5 workdays of returning to normal operational status.
3.2.8. The final written Academy PER will be submitted to the President. (Dean of Administration and Finance)

4. Succession of Authority:
4.1. President and CEO
4.2. Vice President and COO
4.3. Dean of Academic Affairs
4.4. Dean of Administration and Finance
4.5. Dean of Student Services