Student Outcomes

The only program at the United States Sports Academy (Academy) which enrolls first-time, first-semester bachelor’s degree students is its Bachelor of Sports Science (B.S.S.) program that was launched January 2021. Due to the program being so new, the Academy does not yet have comparable “retention, completion, graduation, or transfer-out rates for B.S.S. students” as mandated/calculated by the U. S. Department of Education, which measure the time-to-degree from a student’s first enrollment in college.

Bachelor’s Retention and Graduation Rates by Cohort


Cohort 1st
Term Students
Graduate % Retention Retention %
2016-17 No Program 16 22.22% 19 26.39%
2017-18 No Program 8 20.00% 9 22.50%
2018-19 No Program 6 10.53% 14 24.56%
2019-20 No Program 2 5..56% 16 44.44%
2020-21 No Program 3 6.25% 17 35.42.00%
2021-22 5 3 10.00% 18 51.43%
2022-23 28 0 0 45 100%

The Academy began accepting first year BSS students in 2021. The years covered by the above posted report consist of an upper-division (including only junior and senior years) bachelor’s degree program delivered entirely online to non-traditional, adult learners most of whom pursue their studies on a part-time basis. This methodology requires more time for students to graduate than is typical with a cohort of entering freshmen in a residential program. Thus, the “retention” headcount and percentage represent those students who are considered active in their program of study.