Sports Security Management courses are designed for students interested in specialized work in the area of sports security management. The following Sports Security Management Certificates, along with the required course for each certificate area, are available:

CEM 487 Introduction to Sports Security Management

This course examines the concepts, principles and methods of organizing and administering security management and loss-prevention activities in industry, business, government and sport venues. Emphasis is on protection of assets, personnel and facilities.

CEM 488 Contemporary Sports Security Management

In this course students examine principles and issues in security management as well as the challenges, concepts, strategies and skills needed to manage security-related operations and activities. Focus is on leadership in management, personnel management, security planning and evaluation, communication and best practices.

CEM 489 Introduction to Emergency Management for Sport Settings

This course examines theories, components, systems, and strategies in contemporary disaster and emergency management. Students examine: 1) The historical, administrative, institutional, and organizational framework of disaster and emergency management in the United States; 2) The role of the federal, state, and local governments in disasters; 3) The role of nongovernmental organizations in emergency management; 4) The role of land use regulation, the media, crisis communication, insurance, and citizen participation; 5) The social and economic costs of disasters; and 6) The management of natural and man-made disasters.

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