The United States Sports Academy’s new National Coaching Certification Program offers three levels of certification; all are designed to help coaches:

  • Improve coaching techniques
  • Expand their knowledge base
  • Earn valuable CEUs
  • Complete the program through distance learning
  • Stay current with the latest developments in the coaching profession
  • Obtain promotions and higher salary increments
  • Acquire desired coaching positions

CEB 572 Coaching Certification Level I (4 CEU)

This course provides an overview of important aspects universal to coaching all sports. Topics to be explored include ethics, sports administration, coaching methodology, conditioning and nutrition, injury prevention, immediate care and rehabilitation and sports psychology. The text is embedded in the course and is based upon the United States Sports Academy Coaches Handbook.

Coaching Certification Level II (4 CEU)

To obtain Level II Certification, students must take two sport activity courses. Courses focus on the specific fundamentals necessary for coaching a specific sport. Each course covers skill development, techniques, drills and playing strategies. Program planning, off-season and seasonal play, and program evaluation are also introduced. Each course is worth 4 CEUs. (Students must complete Level I Certification before registering for Level II).

Course # Name
CES 303 Coaching Track and Field
CES 508 Coaching Baseball
CES 513 Coaching Basketball
CES 514 Men’s Bodybuilding
CES 532 Coaching Football
CES 534 Coaching Golf
CES 563 Coaching Soccer
CES 566 Coaching Softball
CES 570 Coaching Swimming
CES 576 Coaching Tennis
CES 378 Coaching Volleyball
CES 318 Coaching Cross-Country

Coaching Certification Level III (4 CEU)

Students must complete the following course in order to receive Level III Certification: CER 511 Sports Performance Enhancement. This course examines the study of human movement and its relationship to sports activities. Methods for analyzing and improving performance are presented. (Students must complete both courses in Level II Certification prior to registering for Level III).

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