Certification in Sports Coaching provides students with the knowledge and skills to help them succeed in coaching at all levels of sport. Courses focus on coaching methodology, sports psychology, conditioning and nutrition, sports medicine, facility administration and program facilitation. Students must be 18 years of age to register in this program. Completion of the Certification in Sports Coaching will give students an internationally recognized certification in sports coaching.

CER 332 Sports Strength and Conditioning

An approach to assessing and enhancing sport performance through improving strength and cardiovascular endurance. Included is a focus on injury prevention.

CED 346 Sports Medicine

An overview of sport-related injuries and the application of emergency treatment.

CEB 368 Sports Psychology

A focus on the study of motivational phenomena that affect individual athlete and team performances.

CEB 371 Sports Coaching Methodology

Designed to provide students with a conceptual blueprint for teaching sport and the fundamentals associated with sports coaching.

CEM 541 Sports Administration for Coaches

Every coach must understand the fundamental principles of administration. All administration begins with the coach. The course introduces coaches to basic approaches for organizing and maintaining consistent programs through effective administration. Understanding the necessity of insurance, first aid, emergency contacts, travel arrangements and the rudimentary approaches to personnel management are some of the main topics of this course.

CEM 583 Sports Facilities and Event Management

The study of the principles involved in planning, marketing, producing and evaluating sports events and facilities.

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