Sports Strength and Conditioning Certification provides students an overview of the skills, development and training principles of a strength and conditioning regimen. Courses focus on training intensity, injury prevention, nutrition, conditioning and fitness programming.

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CED 320 Applied Sports Performance

Designed to cover the complete spectrum of training intensity.

CEB 373 Scientific Principles of Human Performance

Designed to teach coaches how to apply scientific principles to sports coaching.

CER 505 Human Anatomy and Physiology

A study of the structure and function of the various systems of the human body.

CER 525 Sports Strength and Conditioning

A study of the fundamental principles of training and nutrition in sport and exercise. An overview of the anatomical and physiological systems that are affected by conditioning, training, and fitness programs is presented.

CED 546 Seminar in Sports Medicine

An overview of the sports medicine profession. Designed to educate athletic trainers, fitness professionals, and sport coaches on how to assess and manage sports injuries.

CEB 566 Psychological Aspects of Health and Fitness Programming

A study of the psychological and sociological aspects of health and fitness programming and the application of such in the development of effective motivational and behavioral modification strategies.

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