The United States Sports Academy is seeking an experienced Director of Instructional Design.  This position shall provide supervisory oversight of the Instruction Design (ID) department in developing curricular content for the Course Management System (CMS) that is engaging, effective, functional, intuitive, informative, and consistent with sound instructional design principles. Develop and provide recommendations for interface design, sequencing of instruction, use of assessments, and design of course materials and activities. Determine instructional effectiveness of course materials that are developed. Explore new technologies for potential application to instructional problems. Shall participate in the development, implementation and monitoring of a planning and institutional effectiveness program at the Academy.


  1. Create, implement, and maintain state-of-the-art learning templates for use within the CMS as well as delivery applications.
  2. Makes ID staff assignments to effectuate the development of new courseware, revise courseware with in accordance with new textbooks or learning materials, correct deficiencies in existing courseware and oversees curricular enrichment and enhancements for all courseware.
  3. Participate and lead as part of the ID team in the development, implementation, and ongoing review and revision of policies, standards, documentation, and processes to insure instructional content meet institutional standards for excellence and consistency in terms of instructional design integrity.
  4. Will serve as the point of contact between the Technology Department and ID with respect to technical issues associated with the CMS.
  5. Support ongoing definition, implementation, and maintenance of
  6. Course design, development, and delivery.
  7. ID audit process.
  8. Editing standards.
  9. On-line help and documentation systems.
  10. ID course writer and distance instructor certification programs.
  11. Determine or assess reported courseware deficiencies related to course content and oversee corrective measures and actions. Makes staff assignments to accomplish these tasks.
  12. Design and deliver presentations and/or demonstrations to internal and external clients and colleagues.
  13. Participate in the development, implementation and monitoring of a planning and institutional effectiveness program at the Academy. Contribute to the Academy’s Annual Plan and Three Year Plan.
  14. Organize and evaluate data and research projects related to short and long range institutional planning; prepare narratives, statistical reports, and recommendations; make oral presentations of research findings and conclusions as requested.
  15. Coordinate and provide conceptual leadership in the assessment of educational and institutional effectiveness and student learning outcomes (SLOs) for the institution.
  16. Monitor the auditing system for student submissions to the graduate learning portfolios. Will advise the relevant Portfolio Advisor and Provost of deficiencies in student submissions.
  17. Work collaboratively with Instructional Design staff as needed in the production of on-line courses and supplemental materials.
  18. Perform other duties and assignments as may be directed.



A Master’s degree in Instructional Design or a related field such as instructional technology or pedagogy. A minimum of four years of supervisory experience in instructional design and experience with institutional effectiveness as it related to documenting SLOs. Excellent written and oral communication skills, including the ability to present information effectively is required. Developed technology-related skills, particularly insofar as Learning Management Systems are concerned and effective management, leadership, and interpersonal skills are also required.