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Introduction to Coaching

CEB 572 Introduction to Coaching: The course provides an overview of the important aspects universal to coaching all sports. Topics explored are ethics; sports administration; coaching methodology; conditioning and nutrition; injury prevention, immediate care, and rehabilitation; and sports psychology.

Sport Related Concussions

CER 500 Sport Related Concussions – The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that up to 3.8 million concussions occur in sports-related activities in the United States annually (Langlois, Rutland-Brown, & Wald, 2006). With millions of young athletes experiencing the effects of sport-related concussions each year, the need to effectively prevent, diagnose, and manage concussions is a major priority. With concussions being labeled as a significant public health issue, there is an immediate need for concussion awareness, training, and management programs across the globe. Widespread dissemination of knowledge has the potential to decrease the rate of concussions occurring in sports, as well as improve the current guidelines in place. This course provides an in-depth review of the risks, prevention, recognition, treatment, and management of sport-related concussions. This course also discusses the importance of awareness and education strategies for coaches, athletes, parents, administrators, and health care professionals.

Contemporary Sport Art: The Artist and the Athlete

CEB 203 Contemporary Sport Art – The Artist and the Athlete: This course is a Humanities course designed to explore the works of the artists chosen by the American Sport Art Museum and Archives (ASAMA) and their contributions to contemporary sport art history. The purpose of the course is to deepen participants understanding of the cultural context of sport, its relationship to art and the masters of that art.

Introduction to Beach Handball

CES 301 Introduction to Beach Handball A rapid increase in the number of events and the growing awareness of Beach Handball is expected for the next several years. The recent World Games in Cali, Columbia has boosted Beach Handball in terms of audiences, participants, media, and partners. This course will provide you with an introduction to this exciting sport so the next time someone asks you about “Beach Handball” you will be able to join the discussion.