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Tomi with ECR faculty

The Academy currently partners with the Colombia School of Rehabilitation (ECR) to deliver a new online maternity wellness course to nursing students in the South American School.

The Maternity Wellness program for ECR students is the first Academy course ever to be offered in the Spanish language. The five-part course covers the benefits of exercise during pregnancy, guidelines for safe physical activity during pregnancy, fitness for birth, types of maternity fitness training, and post-partum recovery. The course was developed in collaboration with ECR faculty, who provided supplemental content so that it can be offered to nursing students there.

Wahlstrom at Fulbright ColombiaThe English language version of the course is specially designed with pregnant students in mind and can be found through the Academy’s website here.

Studies show that exercise that is light-to-moderate in intensity can improve your quality of life, lessen many discomforts associated with pregnancy, and provide for a better labor and delivery experience. This course is designed to help you better understand the changes your body undergoes during pregnancy, common pregnancy discomforts, and exercise techniques to prepare your body for birth and favorable recovery.