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Wahlstrom Varsta and RosandichThe Academy currently partners with ProFTraining Finland to offer three cutting edge, professionally developed and delivered personal fitness programs, as well as education programs for aspiring sports managers and coaches in Finland.

Working with ProfTraining Finland, the Academy offered its International Certification in Sports Management (ICSM) program in Finland to help students there train for careers as sport professionals. Coursework for the ICSM is offered in English, online, under the guidance of Academy instructors. At the end of the coursework, a symposium will be held in Finland. As with all Academy programs, students will be able to study while continuing to work full-time in their profession.

In addition, the Academy has agreed to deliver its multi-tiered International Sports Coach Development Curriculum there to provide the appropriate technical, tactical, and interpersonal knowledge and experiences at three distinct milestones on the coach development pathway. The curriculum features three tiers: the Lead Coach Development Program (LCDP), the Head Coach Development Program (HCDP), and the National Coach Development Program (NCDP).

SigningThe curriculum meets the standards of the International Sports Coaching Framework (ISCF) developed by the International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF).

Finally, the Academy offers online, video-driven personal fitness courses – FasciaMethod, PowerMethod, and ProMethod – showcasing the cutting edge Finnish fitness concepts to the world.  The Academy in August 2018 signed a cooperative agreement with the Finnish company ProFTraining Finland to provide educational opportunities to students in Finland, as well as to integrate that company’s health care techniques into Academy coursework. As part of the agreement, the Academy is now offering online, video-led continuing education courses featuring ProFTraining’s personal training concepts: the FasciaMethod, the ProMethod, and coming soon the PowerMethod.

After completing the course students will be able to plan and instruct their own FasciaMethod, ProMethod, and/or PowerMethod body maintenance programs for themselves, their clients or for a group fitness session.

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