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DPM and TJThe Academy has worked in Malaysia on various sport education initiatives since the early 1980s. The institution developed a master plan for sports development in the Malaysian state of Sabah in 1983 and provided a team of coaches to help with the state-wide sports effort. The Academy went on to teach its International Certification in Sports Coaching (ICSC) and International Certification in Sports Management (ICSM) programs for sports organizations at the municipal, state and levels over the ensuring decades. In 2012, the Academy began teaching its International Diploma in Physical Education and Sports Coaching (IDPESC) to more than 700 teachers in the country; a program that ran for the Ministry of Education until 2018.

In 2018, the Academy delivered in Malaysia its International Diploma in Physical Education and Sports Coaching (IDPESC) program that has trained thousands of Malaysian teachers in critical physical education and coaching skills. Concurrently, the Academy’s “Train the Trainers” (TOT) program continues to assist the Malaysian government in its National Service Training Program (NSTP).  The Academy’s instructors were responsible for training the instructors who in turn teach sport and physical fitness skills to more than 250,000 Malaysian youth each year as part of the country’s NSTP curriculum.

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