The United States Sports Academy expanded its reach in the global world of sport education after signing a Protocol of Cooperation with the National Academy of Sports (NAS) in the Republic of the Philippines.

The Academy welcomed NAS Executive Director Josephine Joy B. Reyes to campus in December to discuss possible collaborations and opportunities for growth in sport in the Philippines. Reyes met with Academy President and CEO Dr. T.J. Rosandich, Provost Dr. Tomi Wahlstrom, and members of the Academy faculty and staff to learn more about the institution’s degree and post-secondary, non-degree education offerings.

The Academy has a long history of delivering sport education programs in the Republic of the Philippines dating back to the early 1980s.

Founded half a century ago, the Academy has delivered quality sport education and service programs in 67 countries around the world. These have varied in scope from the full-charge conduct of a nation’s entire national sport effort to individual coaching clinics, seminars and symposia. As a not-for-profit, independent school of sport, the Academy has been able to provide a combination of expertise expected from a sports university combined with the experience gleaned from applying expertise in this field.

Clients of the Academy have included central sports organizations, (CSOs, such as ministries of youth and sports), national Olympic committees, ministries of education (for physical education and interscholastic sport programs) and sport associations and federations. Many of the details of this work can be found by visiting the Academy’s website at