Academy alumnus Dato’ Sarjit Singh Sekhon, a project consultant for Taylor’s University, receives Malaysia’s top honor for service to the country during the Royal Investiture Ceremony.

Malaysia recently bestowed its top national honor for service to the country to United States Sports Academy alumnus Dato’ Sarjit Singh Sekhon, a project consultant for Taylor’s University.

Dato’ Singh was recently bestowed the honor known as Darjah Setia Bakti Negeri Sembilan (DBNS) during the Royal Investiture Ceremony. It gives him the authority to use the title Dato’, which is like those in England who use “Sir” before their names.

Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich congratulated the 68-year-old Dato’ Singh, who earned a master’s in sports management from the sports university.

“From my perspective this honor is long overdue given the many activities that he has done throughout his lifetime in Malaysia,” Dr. Rosandich said.

Dato’ Singh has led many sports organizations and initiatives in Malaysia during the past 40 years. Currently, the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia resident is a project consultant for Taylor’s University’s internationally recognized and award-winning school of hospitality, tourism and culinary arts.

Some of the sports efforts Dato’ Singh has led include: serving as the secretary of the first Paralympic Games in Asia that were held in Kuala Lumpur; CEO of the World Leisure Congress in 2002, which was hosted by Malaysia; Ministry of Youth & Sports Malaysia director of sports promotion during the country’s hosting of the 1998 Commonwealth Games; and as an advisor to the 4th World Traditional Sports & Games Festival in 2008 in Busan, South Korea.

During his career, he has played a leadership role in many organizations, such as the Malaysian Association of Hotels, the Malaysian Paralympic Council, the Maylaysian Association of Veteran Athletes, the Malaysian Leisure & Recreation Council, Malaysian PE & Sports Science Council, ASEANA Sports for All Association (ASFAA), The Association of International Sports for All (TAFISA), the International Zurkheneh Sports Federation (IZSF), the National Fitness Council, and the World Leisure Organization. He is a founding member of the Malaysian Sports Tourism Council and Malaysian Leisure and Recreation Council.

Dato’ Singh’s many leadership roles have earned him international exposure and led him to travel all over the world. He has presented numerous papers at sports conferences and forums.