Guo signing

The United States Sports Academy will be providing Academic services to three multi-billion dollar projects, “Sport Cities” in China that will be built around a major golf course and designed to be model towns for promoting a “healthy and happy” lifestyle in the world’s most populous nation.

Academy President Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich plans to attend the ground-breaking for the first city, named Samaranch Sports Town, on 21 April. The town is named after the late former International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Juan Antonio Samaranch, an honorary doctorate recipient at the Academy who is famous for the IOC historic financial turnaround that has made the Olympics the billion-dollar event that it is today. Samaranch Sports Town will be developed on 5,100 acres of property in the Fujian province.

WorldTeam is hoping that the Samaranch-era Olympic prosperity will result from this project. Samaranch Sports Town will be in the Quangang District of Quanzhou City, which is located in the center part of the west coast of the Taiwan Strait. Quanzhou is the economic center in the Fujian Province, and has the No. 1 gross domestic product rating in the province.

The United States Sports Academy and WorldTeam, among the largest privately-owned sport services companies in the People’s Republic of China, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 7 January, establishing the framework for the development of the Sino-American Golf Academy (SAGA) in those cities. Dr. Rosandich signed the MOU with WorldTeam Preisdient Guo “Jack” Jie, who received an honorary doctorate at the Academy in this year.

The Academy will be involved in the design and planning for all three of the golf schools. It is anticipated that the second and third of the sports cities will be developed in rapid succession following the launch of the first facility.

However, the golf education program will not have to wait for the completion of the campus in Fujian. The Academy and WorldTeam will develop a graduate-level certificate program in Golf Management in cooperation with the Hunan International Economics University located in Changshan, Hunan Province. The Hunan International Economics University is among the largest private universities in China and has already developed a Bachelor’s Degree in Golf Education.

As envisioned, the graduate certificate program would offer advanced training in Golf Course Management for senior golf club managers with an emphasis on western management skills. The recent approval of golf being added to the Olympic Games, combined with the explosive growth of the golf industry in China, has created a need for trained golf club professionals that is not currently being met by the educational institutions in that country. The first students in the Golf Management certificate program will be admitted to study in the fall semester.