When the first of three sports cities opens in Fujian, China, in January 2012, the United States Sports Academy will have a new International Sports Diploma in Golf to offer students.

The Academy is partnering with WorldTeam Sports and others on the $1 billion project on 822 acres. The city is named the “Juan Antonio Samaranch Sports City” in honor of the former International Olympic Committee (IOC) president. The city was dedicated on April 21, 2011—the first anniversary of the death of the Olympic icon in Barcelona, Spain.

As part of the development of the Samaranch Sports City, the Academy plans to establish a sports academy much like the institution’s campus in Daphne, Ala. The center will provide much of the same sports-focused academics.

However, Academy President and CEO Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich said it is imperative that the Academy offer the golf diploma. The sport is rapidly growing in popularity in China and currently boasts about three million local golfers. The China Golf Association predicts that number will swell to 20 million Chinese golfers by 2020.

“The Academy’s golf diploma program at Samaranch City will be essential to ensuring that China has the qualified people it needs to run all the golf courses expected to be developed during the next 10 years,” he said.

Dr. Jie “Jack” Guo, who is president of WorldTeam Sports and a leading sport entrepreneur in China, is spearheading the sports cities’ development. Guo, who represents the NBA in China, is also the recipient of an honorary doctorate degree from the Academy in recognition of his work to develop sports in the world’s most populous nation.

This first sports city will be the model for the other two cities in Wuyishan and Yangzhou, which are considered to be two of the most beautiful cities in China.

Besides a sports academy, other major elements include the Samaranch Memorial Hall Museum, Samaranch Sports Park, Olympic Convention Center, International Sports Hall of Fame and the International Olympic Champion Training and Therapeutic Center.

The Academy’s newly developed golf program for the China project, which is scheduled to begin Jan. 1, 2012, will eventually be offered elsewhere and delivered worldwide online.

The International Sports Diploma in Golf includes eight credit-bearing, non-degree courses that focus on:

  • Concessions and Merchandising – focuses on principles of golf merchandising and beverage operations.
  • Coaching Golf – advances the proven methods of golf swing analysis and other techniques.
  • Food and Beverage Club Management – covers successful management of restaurant and food service.
  • Promotion and Event Planning – teaches concepts of planning, conducting and marketing golf-related events.
  • Sports Administration – provides understanding of golf club manager’s position and business environment.
  • Buildings and Grounds Management – includes information on constructing and maintaining recreational golf facilities.
  • Sports Psychology – involves the study of human psychological behavior and its influence in sport.
  • Sports Entrepreneurship – studies issues integral to successfully beginning a business.

In addition, the golf diploma requires a 200-hour Mentorship in one or more of the four following areas: 1) Coaching/operations; 2) Grounds keeping; 3) Hospitality; or 4) Pro shop.

To learn more about the new golf diploma, please contact the Academy at 251-626-3303.