In a move that will bolster its commitment to student success and career preparation, the United States Sports Academy is expanding its online FastTrack degree option to its renowned doctoral program and adding a second master’s degree cohort to the program in Spring of 2021.

Introduced with its first Master of Sports Science degree cohort in Fall 2020, the Academy’s FastTrack option allows graduate students to complete their degree in half the time of the institution’s traditional online education programs. At the master’s level, students can complete their degree as quickly as 15 months. Now with the FastTrack option, Academy Doctor of Education degree seekers can finish their coursework in three years with one additional year to complete their dissertation – a total of just four years for a doctoral degree. The Academy’s new FastTrack option launched its first round of courses on September 1, 2020, and the institution is currently seeking students to join the next cohort for January 2021. The institution offers FastTrack master’s degrees in sports management, sports coaching, and sports exercise science and a Doctor of Education degree in sports management.

Interested students should contact the Academy’s admissions team at 1-800-223-2668 or for registration information.

“I believe that this new option will be ideal for some students who want to get through our program fast and interact with other learners,” Academy Provost Dr. Tomi Wahlstrom said. “This will be the most interactive and engaging way to learn online and I am excited to be able to offer it.” The FastTrack option follows a lockstep cohort model, meaning students enroll together at a specific start date and progress through the program together. The order of courses is predetermined so there is no need to worry about what course to take next. The schedule is predetermined as well. In addition to the speed of the program, the FastTrack will also help students develop better time and workload management skills. Students are able to manage their time better while focusing on one course at a time.

Students will also have increased interaction with their peers and instructors because of the cohort model. While many of the course activities are asynchronous, instructors can schedule voluntary online lectures and chat sessions. In addition, courses typically contain online tutorials and multimedia presentations to facilitate better learning. All textbooks are included in the price of tuition and delivered to students prior to the start of each course.